Unicut 555 2D Dicer

Unicut 555- Frozen Dicer

Unicut 555 2D Dicer


We have just purchased and are in the process of refurbishing an Unicut 555 2D Dicer in our warehouse, This machine will be offered with a 6 month warranty, at a fraction of the price of a new machine.  Please click on the image above to see a video of the machine in action.

It is in very good condition and used Magurit machines are always highly sought after due to the quality, reliability and longevity that they can provide for your production needs.

The Magurit Unicut 555 is a frozen meat dicer that will handle meat, poultry and fish, or even vegetables and cheese, at very low temperatures.

Blocks are fed into the machine where a pneumatic ram pushes the product into the cutting head, ensuring a precise piece, slice, or dice.

Various cutting and dicing heads are available to produce specific piece or dice size and the slicing head is variable between 10mm & 60mm.

Frozen Meat Dicer

Magurit Unicut 555

The dicer is the most versatile model in the range, capable of handling frozen blocks with a maximum dimension of 240mm x 480mm x 650mm and, dependent upon the cutting head, reduce this into, pieces or slices for further processing, or strips. Can handle product down to -25oC.

If you would like to know more about this or any other food processing machinery in our portfolio then please reply to this email or call 01580 764321.

Frozen Slicing & Dicing

Frozen Slicing & Dicing


Frozen Slicing & Dicing



MAGURIT DICECUT and UNICUT: are designed for precise cutting of block-frozen meat, dairy and confectionery into cubes and strips. The UNICUT series includes the machines with a two-dimensional cut for strips and slices, while the DICECUT series three-dimensional cutting machines for strips and dices.

frozen slicing and dicing

UNICUT is an abbreviation of UNI-form CUT-ting, which can be translated as ” uniform cutting “.

What is special about these freezer cutters is the combination of the clean cut of a guillotine with a precise product feed and an integrated product hold-down device.

This means that the product is precisely positioned in front of the knives before it is cut. As a result, the product cannot avoid the knives and the “even cut” described above occurs.

UNICUT can also be used whenever raw materials are to be processed that do not slip on stainless steel, such as confectionery or some dairy products. This is where the feed and hold-down system offers the decisive advantage. The UNICUT is available with belt drive or with an integrated, pneumatic feed table.

Cutting temperature range between 0 and -25 degrees centigrade

Applications:  Frozen slicing and dicing of Frozen: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese and pork scratchings.


frozen slicing and dicing

Dicecut: Frozen Block Dicer



frozen block dicer

DICECUT is the epitome of precise cutting of frozen meat products into exact cubes and strips. When cutting frozen meat into cubes, when using the MAGURIT DICECUT 502 or 506  , lengthy tempering is often not necessary, which also prevents the loss of expensive raw material in the form of meat juice, which can be between 2 – 6%.

At the same time, the energy costs are significantly reduced and the processing process is significantly accelerated, with less microbiological contamination of the product and significantly reduced production costs, but at the same time a higher yield. With a cutting space of 420 x 240 x 900 mm for the DICECUT 502 or 630 x 240 x 1100 mm for the DICECUT 506 , all known EURO or US block formats can be processed without pre-shredding or compression. The machines can be operated by one employee, including loading the blocks of meat and removing the cut product, or they can be integrated into a complete processing line, including weighing and packaging.

Cutting temperature range between -4 and -25 degrees centigrade

Applications: Frozen slicing and dicing of beef, pork, poultry or fish

Frozen block dicing

Above are just a few of the machines available from Magurit so get in touch to discuss your processing requirements by replying to this email or calling the team today on 01580 764321 or by visiting our range here or by visiting the Magurit website


Cooking, mixing and vacuum cooling

Cooking, Mixing and Vacuum Cooling


Blentech in the UK and Ireland

Blentech’s cookers, mixers and process equipment have earned a global reputation for quality and performance. However, until recently, because of the limited size of their rental fleet, only a select few have been able to test the equipment. The Innovation center changes that. Visit them at their new processing facility, located in the heart of California’s wine country in the state of the art hygienic food processing facility to see a demo and tour a facility using Blentech equipment.

If you are unable to travel then live streaming and filming of the trial is also possible.

They offer the following standard demonstrations at no cost to you. Applications range from Rice to Pie Filling. For some projects a general demonstration just isn’t enough as you may need to prove your process with your ingredients or replicate your recipe so custom demos are also available at a charge.

Located in California Wine Country at their Global Corporate Headquarters, the Blentech Innovation Center provides demonstrations, training, testing and research services.


Blentech innovation centre



 Cooking, mixing and vacuum cooling

Market leading innovation from Blentech




Horizontal cookers

Turn your cooking process on its side and feed your customers appetite for soups, sauces and more with this dynamic patented technology. Improve efficiency and product quality with the versatility and expert design of a BlenTherm.

BlenTherm’s unique proprietary agitation system, promotes balance conveyance with maximum particulate suspension and minimum shear damage. Using our various high shear options the system can be used for sauces, purees, baby foods and other emulsified food products.





large batch rice cooker

Ideally suited for the full-absorption batch production of rice, staged rice dishes, pasta, and specialty grains. There is no waste of utilities, thus making this process conservative from an energy standpoint.

The Blentech SteamTherm single agitator cooker is ideally suited to be part of your ready meal cooking system.  The SteamTherm design takes advantage of it’s small footprint by providing multiple operations in a single unit. Our customers value the benefits of minimal yield loss, highly efficient heat transfer that reduces cooking times and reliable product consistency. All water added for rice cooking is fully absorbed into the product allowing this process to have zero waste of utilities.





Authentic chef like stir-frying with precise temperature control comes to reality with the Blentech VersaWok. Engineered to stir fry a variety of products ranging from meats, poultry, nuts, vegetables and prepared foods with complex ingredient recipes all without burn-on while reducing clean times. You can develop consistent flavor and color with tight control over your temperature. Whether you choose thermal oil or high pressure steam, VersaWok is designed to maintain high heat transfer rates for achieving mallard and caramelization reactions for your products. 




Cheese cooker


Pull and stretch your formulation to its greatest potential. Blentech’s Cheese Cooker keeps production flowing for a variety of cheese applications.

Blentech finds ways to support companies all over the world with innovative solutions. The CheezTherm is our offering for simple, day-to-day cheese processing. We understand the requirements for optimal production. Using our experience, we determined the needs of our customers and provide complete automation and technology for premium quality foods. Making processed and analog cheeses has never been so easy and seamless.

Paragon Processing Solutions are agents for Blentech in the UK and Ireland so get in touch to discuss your processing requirements by replying to this email or calling us today on 01580 764321.


View our Blentech range in full here

Mixers, Grinders, Vacuum Fillers & String Linkers

Mixers, Grinders, Vacuum Fillers & String Linkers

Omet Foodtech was founded in 1959 in Poggibonsi, in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany, with the aim of producing machines for the meat industry.

At the beginning the company focused on butcher shops which used to produce sausages in manual way. The company soon developed more complex machines for the sausage factories, reaching a relevant position in the Italian market. From the beginning of the ‘90s the company expanded itself in the main international markets.

As of today Omet Foodtech produces a vast range of machines for the food processing industry: our grinders, mixers, vacuum fillers and string linkers are being used in several countries all over the world.

For over 50 years Omet-Foodtech produces machines for the food processing industry, in particular for the meat industry, combining the knowledges gained by strong local traditions to the application of high and constantly developing technologies. Omet-Foodtech produces machines which are suitable to all firm sizes, from small-medium to big industries. Our machines are developed by focusing on our clients’ demands, with the goal of reaching high levels of efficiency, reliability, innovation, safety.

Equipment from Omet




Floor standing models, from the smaller TCM machine, the larger TCA (pictured here) and the largest in the range, the TCP, cover all production requirements from 1200Kg/hr – 5000Kg/hr.







Small, medium and large producers are catered for here, and all but the small 100L mixer can have the option of touch screen control for the automatic programming of mixing cycles for the processing of any type of product.

The double shafted intersecting paddle mixing system guarantees a delicate treatment of the product, even on the  largest 1000L model. The large discharge ports on these machines also gives quick and easy emptying into tote bins.





vacuum fillers

The smaller vacuum fillers are driven by an asynchronous motor, controlled by an inverter and an extremely simple control panel, with a large touch screen, whilst the larger models come equipped with a PLC electronic drive system.

Hydraulic loaders are available as an option on all of the range.

All models can be connected to any type of clipper or string linker (below).





String Linkers

The Omet string linker is designed to string tie in a continuous row several types of sausages. The standard machine can also be fitted with an automatic feeder, as shown here, which can be controlled by the filler operator to stop and start the machine via a simple foot pedal.

Length of sausage, number of tying turns and closing pressure is also programmable via a simple touch screen.






The portioning belt in conjunction with the grinding head allows portioning and cutting of minced meat to be placed (with or without paper) in tray. The independent adjustment of the speeds of the two conveyor belts together with the characteristics of the grinding head with separator ensure an exact portion and a perfect definition of the minced meat.




The Cevapcici Line is an optimal production line for manufacturing cevapcici, mici, croquettes and other similar formed products.
The portioning belt in conjunction with the flow divider allows simultaneous forming of six meat flows of product for an exact portioning (with or without paper).






Round Formers

Forming machine for the production of round shaped products, meatballs and similar. Diaphragm separation system. Single and double forming heads are available in various sizes. Connectable to any vacuum filler equipped with a portioner. Stainless steel moveable frame adjustable in height. Electronic control for handling of various shapes. Multifunction transport belt with electronic speed adjustment.




Meat grinding head


Independent grinding head connectable to any vacuum filler. Independent electronic drive controlled by touch screen. It is possible to set different cutting speed for any kind of product (raw sausage, salami Milano, Hungarian salami). The system guarantees clear particle definition without smearing and binding of the finish product without air pockets for an Optimal aging. Applicable in filling, portioning and twisting modes. Integrated bones and tendons separating, clipping device.






Device for forming hamburgers with rotary drum. Connectable to any vacuum filler equipped with a portioner. A wide choice of forming drums allows production of hamburger of various types and shapes. Diameter from 60 to 120 mm. Maximum thickness 30 mm. Mobile frame with adjustable height. Max production. 60 pcs/minute.


Paragon Processing Solutions are agents for Omet in the UK and Ireland so get in touch to discuss your processing requirements by replying to this email or calling us today on 01580 764321.



The specialists for frozen block reduction


Magurit are renowned around the world for producing the highest quality, yield and durability machines.

Their Fromat and Starcutter range can reduce frozen blocks at temperatures between -25 to -18 centigrade saving you time and yield loss by not needing to temper the product as well as increasing safety for your production staff.

Ideal for the production of sausages, burgers, kebabs and much more:Frozen Block reduction

Machines from the FROMAT model series are guillotine cutters in which the blocks slide under their own weight in the direction of the vertically driven knives.

In all models, the knives are driven by a correspondingly powerful hydraulic system, and all common block shapes and sizes are cut cleanly, even at very low temperatures.

This makes the FROMAT ideal machines for pre-crushing the frozen blocks for further processing in cutters or grinders. Due to the clean cut, there is only little condensation on the surface . Therefore, these machines are also particularly suitable for raw sausage production.

Magurit offer different cutter heads for all models in order to achieve the best cutting result for the various requirements. FROMAT are very robust machines and our product range offers solutions for trade and industry, with hourly outputs from 800 kg to a maximum of 7,000 kg.

Applications:  Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese and Fruit

frozen meat block reduction

Starcutter: Frozen Block Flaker

Frozen Meat Guillotine

These freezer cutters with a rotating knife roller, type STARCUTTER, are characterized by continuous high cutting performance with a high-quality cutting pattern , even at very low temperatures.

The reasons for this lie in the special bow knife technology, the cutting roller geometry, the integrated block hold-down device and the block feed system, which means that even pressure is always exerted on the material to be cut.

The STARCUTTER series offers the most comprehensive range of rotary freezer cutters worldwide, for hourly outputs between 1,000 kg and 8,000 kg. We supply these machines for all capacity requirements, for all block sizes, by far the most versatile blade variations, and many options for production line integration.

Applications: Frozen block reduction for further processing of: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Cheese and Fruit

Frozen Block Flaker

Above are just a few of the machines available from Magurit so get in touch to discuss your processing requirements by replying to this email or calling the team today on 01580 764321 and visit our website here for more information.


Paragon at IFFA 2022

Paragon at IFFA Next week

Paragon Processing Solutions are at IFFA next week


IFFA  –  Frankfurt, Germany   14-19th May 2022

IFFA is the No 1 exhibition for the meat and food industry and attracts all of the main exhibitors across this sector. Open from 14th-19th May it will display all of the latest innovations from our suppliers under one roof. 

Matt Chance & Glenn Thompson will be attending the event and would love to meet up with you at the show. Please call 01580 764321 or email back to this email to book some time to meet up and visit our supplier’s stands when you are there:

Paragon at IFFA 2022

Find out more about Paragon Processing Solutions’ Suppliers

IFFA website


New medium sized food mixer now available for trials or purchase


We have a new K230 medium sized food mixer for immediate trial or purchase after a Covid-19 outbreak prevented us from conducting a trial in one of our customer’s factory.

Please see brief details below and if you are interested in a non-committal trial get in touch by replying to this email, or calling us on 01580 764321 and we can soon get this arranged.

K230 Mixer

The large 300L tub on this machine allows for fast mixing of a wide range of products.

Whilst the large discharging port allows the total unloading of the product in 90, 120 or 200L. buggies in a few seconds.

The spacing between the gear-box and the mixing bowl isolates the product from the lubricating oils of the drive end and protects the mechanics from possible water infiltration.


The fastening mechanism of mixing arms allows for quick disassembling for cleaning.

The discharging port completely is removable in few seconds without tools and is easy to clean.

The mixing shafts can also be easily and quickly removed. Smooth surfaces and lack of corners facilitates fast and effective cleaning



Omet food mixer


More Equipment from Omet



Floor standing models, from the smaller TCM machine, the larger TCA (pictured here) and the largest in the range, the TCP, cover all production requirements from 1200Kg/hr – 5000Kg/hr.

All are of heavy duty stainless steel construction, with the larger models having an optional lift loader.



Omet Mixers

Small, medium and large producers are catered for here, and all but the small 100L mixer can have the option of touch screen control for the automatic programming of mixing cycles for the processing of any type of product.

The double shafted intersecting paddle mixing system guarantees a delicate treatment of the product, even on the largest 1000L model. The large discharge ports on these machines also gives quick and easy emptying into tote bins.


Vacuum Fillers


Omet Vacuum Fillers

The smaller vacuum fillers are driven by an asynchronous motor, controlled by an inverter and an extremely simple control panel, with a large touch screen, whilst the larger models come equipped with a PLC electronic drive system.

Hydraulic loaders are available as an option on all of the range.


String Linkers


Omet String Linkers

The Omet string linker is designed to string tie in a continuous row several types of sausages. The standard machine can also be fitted with an automatic feeder, as shown here, which can be controlled by the filler operator to stop and start the machine via a simple foot pedal.

Length of sausage, number of tying turns and closing pressure is also programmable via a simple touch screen.



The impact of brexit on spare parts

The impact of Brexit on spare parts

In light of the current border issues with Brexit, we wanted to reassure you that all of the staff at Paragon are here to provide whatever support that we can to keep your business producing efficiently during this difficult time.

Spare Parts

At present we are experiencing a lot of delays from all of our manufacturers on the supply of spare parts, due to customs clearance at the border. Although we took the precaution of increasing our general stock holding prior to Brexit at Paragon, we highly suggest that you consider building up a reserve stock of spare parts specific to your business at your site. If you would like us to provide a recommended list of spare parts for your equipment then please get in touch.

Please call on 01580 764321 to arrange for an engineer to contact you.

Enhanced Remote Support

In the event of machinery breakdowns, to minimise travel and contact, for both your staff and ours, in the first instance, we are offering real time video assistance to you and your engineers via applications such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.

Please call on 01580 764321 to arrange for an engineer to contact you.

Site Visits

Unless the Government imposes further restrictions, for issues that cannot be resolved by remote support, site visits across UK and Ireland are still possible. If this is the case all necessary Covid-19  hygiene protocols will be adhered to so that we can protect all involved.

Best regards


Paragon Processing Solutions Team

More equipment added to our Marketplace

Our used equipment Marketplace continues to grow and we have recently added a large selection of equipment ready to be delivered to your factories. Well respected manufacturers have been added including:

Magurit, Laska, Stein, Ishida, Koppens, GEA, Ravenwood, Farley Green, Nothum, Bizerba and many more…

Take a look at the equipment and let us know if you would like us to provide more information. If you don’t see what you are looking for then please reply to this email with your requirements and we will endeavour to find the right machines for you.

Click here to be taken to the Marketplace

Best regards and stay safe

The Paragon Processing Solutions Team


Coronavirus Crisis- Additional Support


Coronavirus Update

In light of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to reassure you that all of the staff at Paragon are here to provide whatever support that we can to keep your business producing efficiently during this difficult time.

Enhanced remote support

In the event of machinery breakdowns, to minimise travel and contact, for both your staff and ours, in the first instance, we are offering real time video assistance to you and your engineers via applications such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.

Please call on 01580 764321 or  email us to arrange for an engineer to contact you.

Site Visits

Unless the Government imposes further restrictions, for issues that cannot be resolved by remote support, site visits are still available. If this is the case all necessary hygiene precautions will be taken to protect all involved.

Spare Parts

At present we have had no reports from any of our suppliers regarding restriction on supply of spare parts. We will advise further if this situation changes.

For UK Government updates on the Coronavirus COVID -19 situation please click here for more details

Please stay at home when you can can and stay safe during these difficult times

Best regards from all at Paragon Processing Solutions Team


Flattening, Steaking and Tenderising

Supplier Spotlight : Zentjes

Meat Flattener

Zentjes Food supply meat flatteners, cutlet are based in the Netherlands and have been manufacturing and supplying food processing equipment since 1996. They offer a range of well built and affordable machines with ample experience and knowledge. They offer the following machines:

 Meat Flatteners

Strip Cutters



The New RMP 600S   Cutlet Flattener – Meat Press



Meat Flattener

Flattening of meat will increase its tenderness. In addition, the increased surface area and uniform appearance make the products more attractive. And, last but not least, the short, consistent preparation times result in less weight loss and suitable for fresh as well as pre-frozen products.

Meat Flattener Design: stainless steel with food approved synthetic belts. Various models in widths of 250, 400, 600 and 1000mm. Top and bottom belts are separately driven. Height of passage between the belts is easily and quickly adjustable.

Options include discharge conveyor belt, variable belt speed, water spray, and drip tray. Safe operation because of protective covers and safety switches.

Efficient and simple cleaning through removable upper and lower conveyor belts with quick-tensioning system that allows convenient cleaning of the belts.The whole machine is suitable for high-pressure cleaning with water. Construction according to HACCP.

Motors provided with protective covers. Operating cabinet IP 65 positioned above the machines.

The new RMP 600S pictured above comes with Stainless Steel motor drives so covers are not needed and much easier to clean after operation.

For more information about Zentjes please click here

If you reply to the email with what your requirements, we can assist you in sourcing the right equipment for your next project.


Paragon Processing Solutions Team



Used Gunther machinery

Used Gunther machinery: Injectors, Tumblers, Mixers…..

Used Gunther Machinery


For the first time in years, Gunther have just announced a large list of discounted used Gunther machinery ready to be dispatched in the UK & Ireland with 6-12 month warranties. There are some very good deals on:



Brine Mixing Tanks

Roller Steakers

Belt Conveyors

Vibrating Tables

Needle Cleaning Stations


If you use the form below for what you are looking for then we can provide a quotation for you.

    Your Name (required)

    Company Name


    Your Email (required)

    Type of Enquiry

    Your Enquiry

    About Used Gunther Machinery

    Gunther develop, manufacture and sell individual machines and complex production lines for your food processing needs around the world. We have achieved a world-leading position in trade and industry when it comes to the preparation of cured food. We provide innovations and ensure your success by way of specialization and continuous further development of our machines and systems. Our company is located in Dieburg and has good transportation facilities available in the Rhine-Main region.

    For more information of our Gunther stock available in the UK & Ireland please see here 

    and for information about Gunther please see here


    Paragon Processing Solutions Team



    Used Food Processing machinery

    Used Food Processing Machinery

    Paragon Processing Solution’s New Marketplace

    Used Food Processing Machinery

    This is the where you can buy, sell or part exchange food processing machinery. We offer a service to help you source equipment or realize the value in machinery that is no longer used or looking to replace. With some of the machinery we can supply 3,6, or 12 months warranty depending on the supplier.


    Options available to you:


    View our inventory of used machinery for sale:

    View Used Machinery



    Paragon can act as agent on your behalf and place your used equipment amongst our vast network of processing companies across the UK and Ireland.



    As sole authorised agents with a wealth of unrivalled experience on these machines, Paragon are well placed to refurbish your equipment at our warehouse in Kent bringing new life to old equipment at a fraction of the cost of replacing.



    We will consider any used machinery in part exchange when buying a new one and offset some of the costs.



    We work with asset leasing firms to overcome budgetary limitations and reduce CAPEX expenditure with low monthly payments on new and used equipment.


    Contact us today on 01580 764321 to find out more about our food processing machinery.


    Magurit VR

    What we learnt at IFFA 2019

    IFFA 2019

    The Paragon team have recently arrived back in the UK after a very successful IFFA 2019 show.

    As UK and Ireland agents for a number of attending global food processing companies including Magurit, Gunther, Pujolas, Omet and Zentjes, we attended to show our support as well as meet our customers and demonstrate some of our newest innovations at the show.

    Our pick for innovation of the week goes to Magurit who introduced their latest virtual reality technology on their stand. The technology allowed you to view your potential food processing line as if you were in the factory with the ability to walk around and see and experience all of the product output and equipment from every angle. They provided a headset and we got to experience a meat dicing processing line from start to finish. The potential for time and money saving for NPD and staff training is incredible and you really get a feel for how the equipment works.

    IFFA 2019


    Advantages of virtual reality in Food Processing


    • Little/no risk.
    • Safe, controlled area.
    • Realistic scenarios.
    • Can be done remotely saving time and money.
    • Improves retention and recall.
    • Simplifies complex problems/situations.
    • Suitable for different learning styles.
    • Innovative and enjoyable


    We also caught up with all of our manufacturers and got some news and feedback from the show from our Managing Director who attended IFFA 2019:

    “It was a great show and certainly worth visiting as we got to see a lot of innovation and development in our food processing industry. Only thing I would say is that although the number of attendees seemed similar to previous years, the introduction of the new Hall 12 meant that the event was much more spread out and as a result harder to get round to see everyone.”

    Ray Chance- Managing Director of Paragon Processing Solutions


    The IFFA 2019 show is the largest of its type for the food processing industry and you can see why with the number of manufacturers, agents and attendees that all meet up every three years. It is a well-run event and certainly gets the footfall and deals that comes with an event of this type.

    The show was interrupted on the last day when someone in Frankfurt decided to fly their drone near the airport (which turns out to be one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe) and as a result many flights in the morning were cancelled or delayed, but by the last day of a week long conference was ready to go home so numbers weren’t as affected that much anyway.

    One thing is for sure that Paragon will be there again at the next IFFA show so hope to see you in May 2022!


    Two of the Paragon team attending the show- Matt Chance and Glenn Thompson decided to extend their stay with a road biking tour of Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Paris on their way back to the UK, which was a great way to finish a successful and enjoyable week.


    IFFA 2019

    IFFA 2019

    Paragon Processing are heading to the IFFA 2019 show in Frankfurt.

    IFFA 2019

    IFFA is the No 1 exhibition for the meat and food industry and attracts all of the main exhibitors across this sector. Open from 5th-9th May it will display all of the latest innovations from our suppliers under one roof. A must for your diary in 2019!

    Ray and Matt Chance will be attending from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th and would love to meet up with you at the show. Please contact us to book some time at the following stands:

    IFFA 2019

    If you would like further information on the IFFA 2019 show then go to their website for more details https://iffa.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en.html

    Seeing in Believing

    They say that seeing is believing, so, we have put together a showcase of what Magurit meat processing equipment can offer your business. Just click on one of the process topics below to view a short video of the right Magurit equipment to give you the quality product that your customers, or downstream equipment requires. Further information can be obtained by giving us a call or leaving a message on our contact page.

    Magurit meat processing
    magurit meat processing

    Our New Processing Applications

    Paragon Processing Solutions provide food processing applications to ABP, 2 Sisters, Birds Eye, Bakkavor and many more companies
    Paragon Processing Solutions has been serving the food manufacturing industry for over 15 years providing quality equipment from reliable suppliers who continue to improve their technology and continue to offer more ways of increasing yield, reducing waste and providing savings on maintenance. This email is a quick update on the different applications we can now provide. We offer a consultative approach working with you to reach your expectations and manufacturing goals, so let us help you find the right solution for your next project.

    food processing applications

    Break, Slice and Dice

    Applications: Fresh, frozen and chilled meat and poultry preparation, fruit juice, jam, lardons, dairy, fish and pharmaceutical
    food processing applications

    Inject, Tumble and Coat

    Applications: Meat, poultry and fish injection, meat and poultry marinating and chilling, brine preparation and product coating
    food processing applications

    Grind, Stuff and Mix

    Applications: Meat, poultry and fish; sausages, burgers, kebabs and ready meals
    food processing applications

    Blend, Cook and Chill

    Applications: Ready meals, dairy, cheese, ethnic and speciality foods, fruit preserves, rice, pasta, grains, meat and poultry
    food processing applications

    Tenderise, Flatten, Form and Strip Cut

    Applications: Meat and poultry preparation, product flattening, meatball forming and tenderising
    food processing applications

    Cook, Blanch and Fry

    Food Processing Applications: Meat and poultry, vegetables, soups, sauces, fruits and confectionery

    Want to see the full range of equipment we can supply?    Click here

    Blentech celebrates 30 years

    Blentech Celebrates 30 years


    Blentech Corporation has been designing equipment for 30 years that is of unparalleled quality and maintains its functional value for decades while delivering product consistency and driving down operating costs.

    Listen to Blentech founder, Darrell Horn, talk about the past 30 years of innovation at Blentech and his team discuss the exciting things to come.

    Click the following link:       https://youtu.be/E9AIdKaejQs


    More about Blentech

    Paragon now supply Omet Foodtech machinery

    Paragon are pleased to announce that they now supply the Omet Foodtech range of grinders, mixers, vacuum fillers and linkers which means we now offer even more solutions to your processing needs.

    When you buy Omet machinery you are assured of a good quality build from a European manufacturer offering a sensible price, giving you excellent value for money.

    Omet offer a wide range of models catering for all sizes of business

    Omet Foodtech


    More about Omet here

    or visit their website here

    Another Successful IFFA for Magurit


    Magurit displayed 10 different machines from their range on their stand at IFFA 2016 and welcomed many visitors over the duration of the event, all taking advantage of expert advice from the team. Magurit as always continue to update and innovate continuing to maintain their cutting edge technology

    A very successful and profitable show with over 17 machines sold worldwide

    maguritStarcutter  318 (with C Cut Blades)
    Starcutter 344
    Unicut 555
    Dicecut 506
    Starcutter LN (Low noise)
    Galan 930
    Fromat 063
    Fromat 042
    Galan 920

    And on the Wide Screen – Introducing the Galan 960

    magurit galanWith 620mm infeed width The Galan 960 is the largest GALAN  Magurit has built but it is not only an  “enlarged” version, it also contains many technical innovations as well as the NEW look for their machines.

    Its target is to be able to integrate cutting technology into continuous cooking and cooling processes such as
    fajita-strips, chicken dices etc. Therefore the discharge was designed with a conveyor belt, rather than the standard meat trolley.

    But knowing our agents and customers, they will quickly find other applications!

    More about Paragon Processing here

    For more information on IFFA go to their website 


    Zentjes Flatteners, Strip Cutters & Tenderisers


    Zentjes Food logo_200x50


    Zentjes are pleased to announce their representation of a new agent in the UK – Paragon Processing Solutions

    Since 1996 Zentjes Food has designed and built, in line Flatteners, Strip Cutters and Tenderisers, offering quality products with exceptionally competitive pricing.

    Zentjes Flattener

    Zentjes Strip Cutter

    Zentjes Tenderiser


    More about Paragon here or visit the Zentjes website


    Gunther tumblers

    The Gunther GPA Tumbler Range

    Gunther Tumblers

    The Gunther tumblers Model GPA 150/200/300/600 have a maximum capacity of 100 – 300Kg (depending on model and product) and have the following  benefits and features:


    Guaranteed intensive but gentle processing ensuring even distribution of flavour and tenderness. Guaranteed colour enhancement and uniformity and integrity of your final product


    • Manufactured in stainless steel
    • Drum tilt control by electro-mechanical gear motor
    • Vacuum pump for continuous or intermittent vacuum processing, with adjustable vacuum height
    • PLC control with 50 program capacity
    • Variable drum speed
    • Left or right drum rotation, giving different tumble action due to asymmetrical vanes
    • Hinged lid on 300/600 models (available as additional price option on 150/200 models)

    A 99 program touch screen control is available for all Gunther tumbler models at additional cost, as is a USB printer connection and RS 232 interface.

    gunther tumblers

     A small Gunther tumbler could make a big difference to your business!

    Blentech’s Bright Future


    Blentech is to open its new pilot plant located at their headquarters in Santa Rosa, California later this year.  The state-of-the-art test centre will feature a fixed fleet of demonstration equipment on which customers can run their exploratory product on sample equipment before committing to buy.


    Blentech Goes Green

    They recently introduced a solar panel energy conservation programme, they are currently installing 580 LG electric solar cell panels with a 150,800 kW capacity. Their goal is to produce up to 222,279 kWh annually to supply both their manufacturing space and offices with all the electricity required for normal operations. This state of the art technology allows them to harvest energy from the bright Northern California sun.

    Seven out of every ten days is sunny in Santa Rosa!

    Lowering their energy consumption and costs will make their operations more effective and this will translate to savings for future Blentech customers here in the UK

    More news here


    After Foodex 2014

    Paragon Processing Solution’s stand at the Foodex 2014 show in Birmingham was well attended, we certainly saw our fair share of visitors. It was good to see both new and familiar faces and we look forward to meeting up with you again in the future.

    We were well supported by representatives from Magurit, Gunther and Blentech and visitors were able to take the opportunity to chat with them about their relevant processing needs and we were certainly encouraged by the response we had which indicates that the UK food manufacturing industry is continuing to grow.

    We look forward to Foodex 2016- See you there!

    More about Paragon

    Horizontal Cookers

    Why buy Horizontal Cookers when similar sized Kettles are cheaper?

    Horizontal cookers have a number of important benefits over hemispherical kettles:

    • Larger surface area ( nearly 30% more for 500L) resulting in quicker heat up times
    • Better mixing capabilities giving more evenly cooked product
    • Slower agitator speeds minimising damage to  particulates visibly improving product quality
    • efficient scraper system reducing product burn on

    Paragon will be exhibiting a single shafted Blentech Horizontal Cookers at the Foodex event this month.

    Come and see the Blentech Blentherm on our stand L353 in Hall 20 at Foodex and discuss your processing needs directly with the manufacturer.

    This machine is ideal for cooking:

    • Soups
    • Sauces
    • Fruit Pie Fillings
    • Onions

    The Blentech range also includes both batch and continuous machines for:

    Asian sticky rice – pilau rice – meat pie filling  lasagna – analog cheese – mozarella – pasta  hummus – bacon bits and many many more…

    Frozen Block Reducer

    Using a bandsaw to cut blocks to feed your mincer or bowl cutter?

    Magurit Pre-breaker

    Then you should consider the benefits of a Magurit Pre-breaker

    A Magurit Fromat or Starcutter can:

    • Increase safety
    • Improve product quality
    • Reduce equipment maintenance
    • Minimise machine downtime
    • Reduce running cost

    Fromat 042



    Magurit starcutter

    Frozen Block Reducer

    The Fromat is a frozen block reducer and is ideal for the cutting of frozen meat blocks into slices, or when fitted with a cross-knife head, into smaller sized pieces; perfect for further downstream processing equipment. Various different machines cater for production rates from 900Kgs/hr right up to 10000Kgs/hr, cutting at temperatures as low as -30 degrees centigrade. All models are stainless steel constructed and because of the very robust build, will give many years of service.

    The Fromat is gravity fed via slope, on which the blocks slide down to the cutting area. All machines have a strong hydraulic drive for operation of the knife head. The Fromat is the perfect machine for pre-cutting of blocks for further processing in bowl choppers and grinders. This type is suitable for all standard block shapes and sizes. The Fromat can cut meat at very low temperatures. The final cut pieces are typically used in raw sausage production. With different knife heads the desired cutting result will be obtained. The extremely sturdy machines work with high efficiency in butcher shops and industrial plants. Handling and cleaning are easy.


    Come and see the entry level Fromat 042 on our stand L353 in Hall 20 at Foodex and discuss your processing needs directly with the manufacturer Magurit

    brine injection

    Why buy Gunther PI 54/105 Injectors?

    This Brine injection equipment has:

    • Electrical & mechanical components are mounted in individual, temperature controlled waterproof housings increasing reliability
    • Fully automatic reversible servo drives
    • Brine pump  in separate housing, allowing wide range of different pump types to be installed
    • Needle heads with quick release needle bridge system for fast removal
    • Monitored pre-filter system for a purer brine solution
    • Touch screen interface for easy operation
    • Memory space for up to 99 recipes
    • Precision controlled brine valve increasing injection level accuracy


    Gunther also supply Tumblers, Steakers, Tenderizers and a wide range of  material handling equipment to complete your processing line.

    For more About Gunther

    Paragon at Foodex 2014

    Paragon Processing Solutions are proud to announce that they will exhibiting at Foodex 2014 on 24-26th March 2014.

    We are going to be in Hall 20 at stand L353.

    As agents for Blentech, Magurit, Gunther and Bridge, Paragon Processing Solutions will be attending Foodex.

    As well as the Paragon team you will be available to meet Andreas Hager, Managing Director of Magurit, Daniel Voit, President of Blentech Corporation and Marcel Ohnesseit, Engineering Food Technologist at Gunther. All will be pleased to talk with you about their machinery and your respective processing needs.

    On display will be a:

    • Magurit Fromat : Frozen block reduction machine.
    • Blentech Blentherm : Single shafted horizontal cooker
    • Gunther PI 54/ 105 : Injector

    Paragon at Foodex


    Blentech gets published!

    Blentech is published in “Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products

    By: Darrell Horn and Daniel Voit”

    “In order to understand the root cause of cooking problems, a discussion of the factors affecting heat transfer is necessary. There are several processing factors that will influence the transfer of heat into cooked product ”

    Blentech Corporation was founded in 1986 by former Olympian Darrell Horn to serve the equipment needs of the food processing industry.  Starting with the invention of the automatic grape harvester that revolutionized the agricultural methods of the wine industry, This was Darrell’s next chapter in a lifetime of food processing innovation serving to improve industrial methods every step of the way.

    Their  initial product line included batch blenders and product transfer equipment. The company has since grown to become a leading manufacturer of custom food processing equipment with core competencies in blending, massaging and marinating and thermal processing technologies.

    For more information go to our Blentech news section or visit the Blentech website 

    frozen block cutter

    R Manners & Son's Testimonial

    Client :

    R Manners & Sons

    R. Manners & Sons

    About :

    R. Manners & Sons Ltd are a leading Catering Butcher supplying the Ready Meals Industry, the Hospitality & Leisure Industry and Industrial Caterers both large and small.

    R. Manners & Sons Ltd are situated in the North East of England and service customers from across the UK.

    Question & Answer session with R. Manners & Sons regarding their new Magurit 584:

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the following questions:

    Q1. What is your position within the company?

    A1. Managing Director

    Q2. What do you process?

    A2. Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry

    Q3. When do you process?

    A3. 7am – 5pm

    Q4. Did you trial the equipment before buying and what benefit was this to you?

    A4. Yes. We approached Paragon with a specific problem and they were confident that the Magurit 584 would provide the solution and offered it on sale or return. The Magurit 584 machine produced the results we wanted it to do so bought it there and then.

    Q5. How did Magurit’s equipment improve your process and what benefits have you seen?

    A5. The Magurit 584 allowed us to replace the bandsaw we had been using and increased our yield and throughput. By replacing the bandsaw for a guarded guillotine we were also able to increase safety by protecting our staff from injury.

    Q6.  How would you describe Paragon’s aftersales support including services and spares?

    A6. Good. Their engineers talk us through any problems we may encounter on the phone and then come out to our factory as quickly as possible if we need further assistance.

    Q7. Why did you choose Paragon Processing Solutions?

    A7. Because we had bought a machine from them in the past and their high service level and durable equipment meant it was an easy decision.

    Q8. Would you recommend Paragon Processing Solutions to others?

    A8. Yes and we will continue to do so.

    charity dudes

    Paragon supports Charity Dudes

    Paragon staff took part in the annual Charity Dudes 2hr Endurance Go Karting event on the 3rd August at Lydd Race Circuit this year to raise money for CLIC Sargent- The Childrens Cancer Charity.

    The day went really well. Weather was brilliant again and we got a great day’s racing in.  There were 7 teams and Paragon’s team came 5th on the day.

    Charity Dudes raised a record  £1010.74  for CLIC Sargent- The Childrens Cancer Charity.

    They  are a fundraising team made up of Matt Chance and Glenn Thompson and set it up as they love to push themselves to the limits with adventurous challenges and have always been like that. Over the last few years they started to do these challenges for different charities and found that they not only really enjoyed doing these challenges for them but  also got a lot out of raising money for people less fortunate than them that really needed their help.

    Other Paragon news


    Paragon & Gunther at IFFA 2013

    IFFA in Frankfurt on 4th – 9th May 2013 and Paragon ( as agents in the UK) attended to support their UK customers.
     The No. 1 for the meat industry – opens its doors again from 4 to 9 May 2019. As the sector’s foremost innovation platform, it will once again bring together all players from the industry, retail trade and butcher’s trade in Frankfurt am Main. Thanks to its clear focus, the world’s leading trade fair for the sector is unrivalled: everything revolves around the most valuable of all foodstuffs – meat.

    Good reasons why you should come to IFFA

    • See the innovations being shown by over 1,000 companies from 50 countries
    • Meet the market leaders at the same time and place
    • Discover the latest meat-industry trends
    • Experience the entire spectrum from manufacturing to high-tech
    • Make contacts with the international meat-industry community
    More about Paragon
    Bridge Machine Company

    Terry Bridge retires after years of service

    Bridge Machine Company

    After a lifetime of service, former Bridge Machine Company President, Terry Bridge, officially retired on April 19, 2013. Terry had been involved in every aspect of the business from sales, to engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of our equipment. His years of experience will be missed but we do look forward to good reports from the golf course and the beach. Our best wishes to Terry for a long, happy, healthy, and active retirement.

    “I want to thank all of the Customers of Bridge for their loyalty and friendship throughout the years” said Terry. “You have made Bridge the successful company it is today.” Regarding the future, Terry noted, “With the financial backing of the new ownership and the leadership developed over the years by the Bridge team, I am confident that together they will continue the legacy of quality and dependability associated with the Bridge name.”

    Bridge Machine Company, Inc. was founded in 1956 by Mr. Edward Bridge. Mr. Bridge, along with his sons Terry and Ed, focused on building a company that was able and willing to produce a product that provided a dependable solution to their customers. They listened to the customer, designed a solution and produced a product to generate profits for their customers. Their success and customer loyalty over the past half-century is a testament to their commitment of putting the customer first. In 2011, the Bridge family joined forces with A-One Manufacturing and its parent company American Products, LLC. Combined, these companies bring 110 years of experience serving the needs of customers in the food processing industry.

    Bridge Machine Company designs and manufactures a complete line of food processing equipment. In addition to our standard products we can customer engineer equipment to meet your specific needs. Our expertise is in the forming, shaping and portioning of food products, tenderisers, flatteners, strip cutter and material handling equipment are included in our product line.

    Since 1956 Bridge Machine Company has been manufacturing quality processing equipment for the meat, poultry and seafood industries. We have complete engineering, fabrication, assembly and final test facilities to assure that all our machines are rugged and reliable

    Paragon is proud to be the sole agent for Bridge Machinery in the UK & Ireland

    View Bridge Products

    More about Bridge Machine Company (now called Ensight) on their website

    Magurit Celebrates 150 Years

    Current Managing Directors Andreas Hager and Dino Vieth commissioned a book ‘150 Years of Magurit’ which is a fascinating story of family and business from it’s humble beginnings in 1848 when John Conrad Rittershaus opened his Smithy, through the years to the expansion of the company in the 1950’s by Dr. Jurgen Hager & Walter Vieth to today’s Magurit- A thriving company with over 40 staff and worldwide sales in over 70 countries.

    To read this book in PDF please click on the image below:

    Mag 150 years


    It all began in 1859 with the production of plumber–tools. After 1945 also the food industry faced an economical boom and MAGURIT began to produce machines for that sector. From the 1960`s onwards MAGURIT focused completely on the business of frozen meat processing. Since then MAGURIT supplies machinery worldwide. MAGURIT specialise in this field and offers today unique equipment especially in the field of frozen meat dicing technology. MAGURIT is also well known for fresh product cutting equipment.

    As a world leader and only specialist in the processing of frozen products we offer our clients efficiency and productivity at the highest level. In recent years we have further developed our know-how in the processing of fresh products.

    Machines manufactured by MAGURIT reduce frozen blocks or fresh product for the food or pet-food industry throughout the world. You will find an individual solution for your requirements. Our machines can be designed to be versatile, with quick change of knife set up,  if different cutting results are requuired.  A variety of lifting and handling equipment enables an ergonomically and continuous product flow

    Since the foundation of the company almost 150 years ago it is based in the city of Remscheid. What began with a simple idea gives work today to 45 employees. As a company with traditional values we produce our modern equipment still in Remscheid, the original location of the company. Throughout the world we have supplied equipment to more then 70 countries


    “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
    Willing is not enough; we must do.”

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    To be a reliable partner for you we are constantly further developing our knowledge. We consider ourselves more as your partner than a machinery supplier. We offer you high customer care and prompt and extensive service. Our customers are the centre of our work.

    Paragon is proud to be the Sole Agent for Magurit in the UK & Ireland

    View Magurit Products