The impact of brexit on spare parts

The impact of Brexit on spare parts

In light of the current border issues with Brexit, we wanted to reassure you that all of the staff at Paragon are here to provide whatever support that we can to keep your business producing efficiently during this difficult time.

Spare Parts

At present we are experiencing a lot of delays from all of our manufacturers on the supply of spare parts, due to customs clearance at the border. Although we took the precaution of increasing our general stock holding prior to Brexit at Paragon, we highly suggest that you consider building up a reserve stock of spare parts specific to your business at your site. If you would like us to provide a recommended list of spare parts for your equipment then please get in touch.

Please call on 01580 764321 to arrange for an engineer to contact you.

Enhanced Remote Support

In the event of machinery breakdowns, to minimise travel and contact, for both your staff and ours, in the first instance, we are offering real time video assistance to you and your engineers via applications such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.

Please call on 01580 764321 to arrange for an engineer to contact you.

Site Visits

Unless the Government imposes further restrictions, for issues that cannot be resolved by remote support, site visits across UK and Ireland are still possible. If this is the case all necessary Covid-19  hygiene protocols will be adhered to so that we can protect all involved.

Best regards


Paragon Processing Solutions Team

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