Unicut 555 2D Dicer

Unicut 555- Frozen Dicer

Unicut 555 2D Dicer


We have just purchased and are in the process of refurbishing an Unicut 555 2D Dicer in our warehouse, This machine will be offered with a 6 month warranty, at a fraction of the price of a new machine.  Please click on the image above to see a video of the machine in action.

It is in very good condition and used Magurit machines are always highly sought after due to the quality, reliability and longevity that they can provide for your production needs.

The Magurit Unicut 555 is a frozen meat dicer that will handle meat, poultry and fish, or even vegetables and cheese, at very low temperatures.

Blocks are fed into the machine where a pneumatic ram pushes the product into the cutting head, ensuring a precise piece, slice, or dice.

Various cutting and dicing heads are available to produce specific piece or dice size and the slicing head is variable between 10mm & 60mm.

Frozen Meat Dicer

Magurit Unicut 555

The dicer is the most versatile model in the range, capable of handling frozen blocks with a maximum dimension of 240mm x 480mm x 650mm and, dependent upon the cutting head, reduce this into, pieces or slices for further processing, or strips. Can handle product down to -25oC.

If you would like to know more about this or any other food processing machinery in our portfolio then please reply to this email or call 01580 764321.

Frozen Slicing & Dicing

Frozen Slicing & Dicing


Frozen Slicing & Dicing



MAGURIT DICECUT and UNICUT: are designed for precise cutting of block-frozen meat, dairy and confectionery into cubes and strips. The UNICUT series includes the machines with a two-dimensional cut for strips and slices, while the DICECUT series three-dimensional cutting machines for strips and dices.

frozen slicing and dicing

UNICUT is an abbreviation of UNI-form CUT-ting, which can be translated as ” uniform cutting “.

What is special about these freezer cutters is the combination of the clean cut of a guillotine with a precise product feed and an integrated product hold-down device.

This means that the product is precisely positioned in front of the knives before it is cut. As a result, the product cannot avoid the knives and the “even cut” described above occurs.

UNICUT can also be used whenever raw materials are to be processed that do not slip on stainless steel, such as confectionery or some dairy products. This is where the feed and hold-down system offers the decisive advantage. The UNICUT is available with belt drive or with an integrated, pneumatic feed table.

Cutting temperature range between 0 and -25 degrees centigrade

Applications:  Frozen slicing and dicing of Frozen: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese and pork scratchings.


frozen slicing and dicing

Dicecut: Frozen Block Dicer



frozen block dicer

DICECUT is the epitome of precise cutting of frozen meat products into exact cubes and strips. When cutting frozen meat into cubes, when using the MAGURIT DICECUT 502 or 506  , lengthy tempering is often not necessary, which also prevents the loss of expensive raw material in the form of meat juice, which can be between 2 – 6%.

At the same time, the energy costs are significantly reduced and the processing process is significantly accelerated, with less microbiological contamination of the product and significantly reduced production costs, but at the same time a higher yield. With a cutting space of 420 x 240 x 900 mm for the DICECUT 502 or 630 x 240 x 1100 mm for the DICECUT 506 , all known EURO or US block formats can be processed without pre-shredding or compression. The machines can be operated by one employee, including loading the blocks of meat and removing the cut product, or they can be integrated into a complete processing line, including weighing and packaging.

Cutting temperature range between -4 and -25 degrees centigrade

Applications: Frozen slicing and dicing of beef, pork, poultry or fish

Frozen block dicing

Above are just a few of the machines available from Magurit so get in touch to discuss your processing requirements by replying to this email or calling the team today on 01580 764321 or by visiting our range here or by visiting the Magurit website



The specialists for frozen block reduction


Magurit are renowned around the world for producing the highest quality, yield and durability machines.

Their Fromat and Starcutter range can reduce frozen blocks at temperatures between -25 to -18 centigrade saving you time and yield loss by not needing to temper the product as well as increasing safety for your production staff.

Ideal for the production of sausages, burgers, kebabs and much more:Frozen Block reduction

Machines from the FROMAT model series are guillotine cutters in which the blocks slide under their own weight in the direction of the vertically driven knives.

In all models, the knives are driven by a correspondingly powerful hydraulic system, and all common block shapes and sizes are cut cleanly, even at very low temperatures.

This makes the FROMAT ideal machines for pre-crushing the frozen blocks for further processing in cutters or grinders. Due to the clean cut, there is only little condensation on the surface . Therefore, these machines are also particularly suitable for raw sausage production.

Magurit offer different cutter heads for all models in order to achieve the best cutting result for the various requirements. FROMAT are very robust machines and our product range offers solutions for trade and industry, with hourly outputs from 800 kg to a maximum of 7,000 kg.

Applications:  Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese and Fruit

frozen meat block reduction

Starcutter: Frozen Block Flaker

Frozen Meat Guillotine

These freezer cutters with a rotating knife roller, type STARCUTTER, are characterized by continuous high cutting performance with a high-quality cutting pattern , even at very low temperatures.

The reasons for this lie in the special bow knife technology, the cutting roller geometry, the integrated block hold-down device and the block feed system, which means that even pressure is always exerted on the material to be cut.

The STARCUTTER series offers the most comprehensive range of rotary freezer cutters worldwide, for hourly outputs between 1,000 kg and 8,000 kg. We supply these machines for all capacity requirements, for all block sizes, by far the most versatile blade variations, and many options for production line integration.

Applications: Frozen block reduction for further processing of: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Cheese and Fruit

Frozen Block Flaker

Above are just a few of the machines available from Magurit so get in touch to discuss your processing requirements by replying to this email or calling the team today on 01580 764321 and visit our website here for more information.


Seeing in Believing

They say that seeing is believing, so, we have put together a showcase of what Magurit meat processing equipment can offer your business. Just click on one of the process topics below to view a short video of the right Magurit equipment to give you the quality product that your customers, or downstream equipment requires. Further information can be obtained by giving us a call or leaving a message on our contact page.

Magurit meat processing
magurit meat processing

Another Successful IFFA for Magurit


Magurit displayed 10 different machines from their range on their stand at IFFA 2016 and welcomed many visitors over the duration of the event, all taking advantage of expert advice from the team. Magurit as always continue to update and innovate continuing to maintain their cutting edge technology

A very successful and profitable show with over 17 machines sold worldwide

maguritStarcutter  318 (with C Cut Blades)
Starcutter 344
Unicut 555
Dicecut 506
Starcutter LN (Low noise)
Galan 930
Fromat 063
Fromat 042
Galan 920

And on the Wide Screen – Introducing the Galan 960

magurit galanWith 620mm infeed width The Galan 960 is the largest GALAN  Magurit has built but it is not only an  “enlarged” version, it also contains many technical innovations as well as the NEW look for their machines.

Its target is to be able to integrate cutting technology into continuous cooking and cooling processes such as
fajita-strips, chicken dices etc. Therefore the discharge was designed with a conveyor belt, rather than the standard meat trolley.

But knowing our agents and customers, they will quickly find other applications!

More about Paragon Processing here

For more information on IFFA go to their website 



After Foodex 2014

Paragon Processing Solution’s stand at the Foodex 2014 show in Birmingham was well attended, we certainly saw our fair share of visitors. It was good to see both new and familiar faces and we look forward to meeting up with you again in the future.

We were well supported by representatives from Magurit, Gunther and Blentech and visitors were able to take the opportunity to chat with them about their relevant processing needs and we were certainly encouraged by the response we had which indicates that the UK food manufacturing industry is continuing to grow.

We look forward to Foodex 2016- See you there!

More about Paragon

Frozen Block Reducer

Using a bandsaw to cut blocks to feed your mincer or bowl cutter?

Magurit Pre-breaker

Then you should consider the benefits of a Magurit Pre-breaker

A Magurit Fromat or Starcutter can:

  • Increase safety
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce equipment maintenance
  • Minimise machine downtime
  • Reduce running cost

Fromat 042



Magurit starcutter

Frozen Block Reducer

The Fromat is a frozen block reducer and is ideal for the cutting of frozen meat blocks into slices, or when fitted with a cross-knife head, into smaller sized pieces; perfect for further downstream processing equipment. Various different machines cater for production rates from 900Kgs/hr right up to 10000Kgs/hr, cutting at temperatures as low as -30 degrees centigrade. All models are stainless steel constructed and because of the very robust build, will give many years of service.

The Fromat is gravity fed via slope, on which the blocks slide down to the cutting area. All machines have a strong hydraulic drive for operation of the knife head. The Fromat is the perfect machine for pre-cutting of blocks for further processing in bowl choppers and grinders. This type is suitable for all standard block shapes and sizes. The Fromat can cut meat at very low temperatures. The final cut pieces are typically used in raw sausage production. With different knife heads the desired cutting result will be obtained. The extremely sturdy machines work with high efficiency in butcher shops and industrial plants. Handling and cleaning are easy.


Come and see the entry level Fromat 042 on our stand L353 in Hall 20 at Foodex and discuss your processing needs directly with the manufacturer Magurit

frozen block cutter

R Manners & Son's Testimonial

Client :

R Manners & Sons

R. Manners & Sons

About :

R. Manners & Sons Ltd are a leading Catering Butcher supplying the Ready Meals Industry, the Hospitality & Leisure Industry and Industrial Caterers both large and small.

R. Manners & Sons Ltd are situated in the North East of England and service customers from across the UK.

Question & Answer session with R. Manners & Sons regarding their new Magurit 584:

Thanks for taking the time to answer the following questions:

Q1. What is your position within the company?

A1. Managing Director

Q2. What do you process?

A2. Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry

Q3. When do you process?

A3. 7am – 5pm

Q4. Did you trial the equipment before buying and what benefit was this to you?

A4. Yes. We approached Paragon with a specific problem and they were confident that the Magurit 584 would provide the solution and offered it on sale or return. The Magurit 584 machine produced the results we wanted it to do so bought it there and then.

Q5. How did Magurit’s equipment improve your process and what benefits have you seen?

A5. The Magurit 584 allowed us to replace the bandsaw we had been using and increased our yield and throughput. By replacing the bandsaw for a guarded guillotine we were also able to increase safety by protecting our staff from injury.

Q6.  How would you describe Paragon’s aftersales support including services and spares?

A6. Good. Their engineers talk us through any problems we may encounter on the phone and then come out to our factory as quickly as possible if we need further assistance.

Q7. Why did you choose Paragon Processing Solutions?

A7. Because we had bought a machine from them in the past and their high service level and durable equipment meant it was an easy decision.

Q8. Would you recommend Paragon Processing Solutions to others?

A8. Yes and we will continue to do so.

Magurit Celebrates 150 Years

Current Managing Directors Andreas Hager and Dino Vieth commissioned a book ‘150 Years of Magurit’ which is a fascinating story of family and business from it’s humble beginnings in 1848 when John Conrad Rittershaus opened his Smithy, through the years to the expansion of the company in the 1950’s by Dr. Jurgen Hager & Walter Vieth to today’s Magurit- A thriving company with over 40 staff and worldwide sales in over 70 countries.

To read this book in PDF please click on the image below:

Mag 150 years


It all began in 1859 with the production of plumber–tools. After 1945 also the food industry faced an economical boom and MAGURIT began to produce machines for that sector. From the 1960`s onwards MAGURIT focused completely on the business of frozen meat processing. Since then MAGURIT supplies machinery worldwide. MAGURIT specialise in this field and offers today unique equipment especially in the field of frozen meat dicing technology. MAGURIT is also well known for fresh product cutting equipment.

As a world leader and only specialist in the processing of frozen products we offer our clients efficiency and productivity at the highest level. In recent years we have further developed our know-how in the processing of fresh products.

Machines manufactured by MAGURIT reduce frozen blocks or fresh product for the food or pet-food industry throughout the world. You will find an individual solution for your requirements. Our machines can be designed to be versatile, with quick change of knife set up,  if different cutting results are requuired.  A variety of lifting and handling equipment enables an ergonomically and continuous product flow

Since the foundation of the company almost 150 years ago it is based in the city of Remscheid. What began with a simple idea gives work today to 45 employees. As a company with traditional values we produce our modern equipment still in Remscheid, the original location of the company. Throughout the world we have supplied equipment to more then 70 countries


“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To be a reliable partner for you we are constantly further developing our knowledge. We consider ourselves more as your partner than a machinery supplier. We offer you high customer care and prompt and extensive service. Our customers are the centre of our work.

Paragon is proud to be the Sole Agent for Magurit in the UK & Ireland

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