Omet Foodtech was founded in 1959 in Poggibonsi, in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany, with the aim of producing machines for the meat industry.

At the beginning the company focused on butcher shops which used to produce sausages in a manual way. The company soon developed more complex machines reaching a relevant position in the Italian market. From the beginning of the ‘90s the company expanded to sell in the international market and now provides a vast range of machines for the food processing industry: our grinders, mixers, vacuum fillers and string linkers are being used all over the world.

Company profile

A remarkable knowledge of the market, together with our technical ability, lets our company produce high specification machines which can easily adapt to the requests of an ever changing and demanding market.

The client is always the centre of our developing process: their requests, indications and suggestions are the basis from which our R&D department starts to develop a product. By using the most advanced mechanical and electronical engineering techniques we manufacture machines that reach the high levels of efficiency, reliability, innovation and safety required

Omet Foodtech take advantage of the latest technologies and manufacturing process. The hygienic and safety regulations are taken into serious consideration when developing our products, as they are of great importance for the end user. The manufacturing and management processes are always optimised, with the aim of giving our clients a product which totally satisfies their requests. Our Quality Control therefore is a fundamental part of the whole manufacturing process: every single component is tested and validated by our highly -skilled technicians before being assembled. Each machine has to pass stringent testing before being shipped to our clients.

Everyone at Omet-Foodtech is a part of this process, so that our technicians are trained and experienced in both our factory production and “in the field” which allows us to have a fast and efficient customer service.

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