Blentech Corporation was founded in 1986 by former Olympian Darrell Horn to serve the equipment needs of the food processing industry.  Starting with the invention of the automatic grape harvester that revolutionized the agricultural methods of the wine industry, Blentech was Darrell’s next chapter in a lifetime of food processing innovation serving to improve industrial methods every step of the way.

Blentech’s initial product line included batch blenders and product transfer equipment. The company has since grown to become a leading manufacturer of custom food processing equipment with core competencies in blending, massaging and marinating and thermal processing technologies.

Innovation, simplicity of design and high quality workmanship were set forth from the beginning as cornerstones of Blentech’s philosophy for achieving success. Staying true to these guiding principles has allowed the company to develop and to maintain its market leadership in the food processing machinery segments it serves.

Soon after the company’s inception, development began on a cooker that would satisfy the growing need to improve processing efficiencies and product quality when cooking challenging food products such as ground meat. This culminated with the introduction of the evolutionary VersaTherm blending cooker.

The VersaTherm was a breakthrough in thermal processing, filling an industry void in the cooking of very thick, viscous products, particularly ground meat products. The success and rapid market acceptance of the VersaTherm firmly established Blentech as a leader in thermal processing equipment industry. With the VersaTherm as its flagship, the Blentech family of cookers and thermal processing equipment has expanded with additional machine models, each satisfying a unique processing niche. This includes batch and continuous systems:

Today, the Blentech mark has become synonymous not only with reliability and durability but with cutting edge processing technology. Blentech has continuously nurtured its tradition of innovation through the years resulting in nearly a dozen design and process patents. Major domestic and international food processors have taken notice of our equipment; endorsing the performance benefits of our machinery with continued repeat purchases.

Blentech is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the design and fabrication of pressure vessels. Blentech holds code ‘U’ and ‘R’ certificates for original manufacture and repair fabrication, respectively as well as UL certification for electrical equipment. We work with authorized third party inspection organizations to satisfy pressure vessel design and fabrication requirements for Canada, Europe and other foreign countries.


Blentech employs 60 people at its headquarters and factory in Santa Rosa, California. The factory workforce includes equipment fabricators, journeymen welders, assembly and electrical technicians. They bring to reality the engineering vision of our team of mechanical, electrical, process and application engineers, with over 100 years of food processing machinery experience collaboratively.

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