Our New Processing Applications

Paragon Processing Solutions provide food processing applications to ABP, 2 Sisters, Birds Eye, Bakkavor and many more companies
Paragon Processing Solutions has been serving the food manufacturing industry for over 15 years providing quality equipment from reliable suppliers who continue to improve their technology and continue to offer more ways of increasing yield, reducing waste and providing savings on maintenance. This email is a quick update on the different applications we can now provide. We offer a consultative approach working with you to reach your expectations and manufacturing goals, so let us help you find the right solution for your next project.

food processing applications

Break, Slice and Dice

Applications: Fresh, frozen and chilled meat and poultry preparation, fruit juice, jam, lardons, dairy, fish and pharmaceutical
food processing applications

Inject, Tumble and Coat

Applications: Meat, poultry and fish injection, meat and poultry marinating and chilling, brine preparation and product coating
food processing applications

Grind, Stuff and Mix

Applications: Meat, poultry and fish; sausages, burgers, kebabs and ready meals
food processing applications

Blend, Cook and Chill

Applications: Ready meals, dairy, cheese, ethnic and speciality foods, fruit preserves, rice, pasta, grains, meat and poultry
food processing applications

Tenderise, Flatten, Form and Strip Cut

Applications: Meat and poultry preparation, product flattening, meatball forming and tenderising
food processing applications

Cook, Blanch and Fry

Food Processing Applications: Meat and poultry, vegetables, soups, sauces, fruits and confectionery

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