The experience of Blentech’s engineers coupled with sophisticated manufacturing techniques combine to produce superior steam and oil heated cookers and unique tumbling equipment for the food processing and ready meals industries.

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Bridge Machine Company, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the preparation of fresh meat, including in-line tenderisers and ball forming machinery.

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Gunther, based in Dieburg, Germany design, manufacture and distribute food processing equipment to the cured meat industry. They are global leaders in providing innovative solutions for large high-performance processing lines as well as catering for the smaller producer.

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Magurit develops and manufactures equipment for cutting, slicing and dicing fresh and frozen meat, fish and poultry products. Custom lines are available to meet specific customer requirements.

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Omet was founded in 1959 in the Chianti, Tuscany region of Italy, they produce high quality Mixers, Grinders, Linkers, Vacuum Stuffers offering a wide range of models to suit small, medium and large producers.

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Pujolas is based in Girona, Spain and was formed in 1985 to produce stuffing machines, meat presses and cutting machines. It has continued to increase in size, opening a 3,500 m2 factory in 2005-2006, with the addition of a pilot plant for customer testing and R&D facilities following in 2007-2008.

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Since 1996, Zentjes Food B.V. has manufactured and supplied professional equipment for the processing and preparation of products for the food industry. From its facility in the Benelux region it continues to produce in-line Flatteners, Strip Cutters and Tenderisers throughout Europe.

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