Small batch equipment

Small Batch Equipment

Embarking on larger food processing projects can be daunting but starting small with food processing equipment can lay a solid foundation for future success. By investing in smaller-scale equipment initially, you gain valuable experience, refine your processes, and minimize risks before scaling up.


Below is a selection of equipment from some of our manufacturers for the smaller production process. From NPD and test kitchens through to full processing requirements for smaller batches.


Continuous Vacuum Filler – Omet F7


Small batch equipment


OMET F7 Continuous Vacuum Filler

The continuous vacuum filler model F7 is the ideal compact machine for the small businesses. This vacuum filler has options for a portioner, twist linker and a hydraulic loader (90 or 120 litres) for the production of sausages, burgers, meatball and many other food products.

• Strong construction completely in stainless steel
• Smooth surfaces and absence of corners for fast and effective cleaning
• The high manufacturing precision of mechanical parts of the pump set (with 8 or 12 vanes) in high resistance steel guarantees a delicate treatment of the product and long lasting use
• A standard asynchronous motor controlled by an inverter and an extremely simple control panel programmable with touch screen control, make this continuous vacuum fillers machine, simple to use, reliable and easy to maintain
• The joined effect of the 20 m³ vacuum pump and the auger with the counter-auger in the hopper assures compact and air-free products even with hard and low temperature raw materials
• Option to install (& after purchase) a hydraulic loader for 90, 120L. Hopper size of 90 & 160 litres available


Frozen Block Reducer – Magurit Fromat 042 Eco


Small food batch equipment


Magurit Fromat 042 Eco 

The Magurit Fromat 042 Eco is a frozen block reducer and is ideal for the cutting of frozen meat blocks into slices, or when fitted with a cross-knife head, into smaller sized pieces; perfect for further downstream processing equipment. Various different machines cater for production rates up to 800Kgs, cutting at temperatures as low as -25 degrees centigrade. Magurit models are stainless steel constructed and because of the very robust build, these machines will give many years of service.

The Fromat is gravity fed via slope, on which the blocks slide down to the cutting area. All machines have a strong hydraulic drive for operation of the knife head. The Fromat is the perfect machine for pre-cutting of blocks for further processing in bowl choppers and grinders. This type is suitable for all standard block shapes and sizes. The Fromat can cut meat at very low temperatures. The final cut pieces are typically used in raw sausage production. With different knife heads the desired cutting result will be obtained. The extremely sturdy machines work with high efficiency in butcher shops and industrial plants. Handling and cleaning are easy.

Magurit Fromat 042 Eco, frozen meat cutter with manual lift, cutting dimensions up to 480mm x 250mm x 750mm, processing temperature -25°C


                                                   Click on the image below to link to a video of the Fromat 042 in action


Injector – Gunther PI 265-17


Small food batch equipment


Gunther PI265-17 Injector 

With the pickling injectors from Günther you have the perfect tool to refine your products – be it with spices, additives or special features that only you know. Bring shelf life and taste to your products while working with a well thought-out, long-lasting machine with the highest standards thanks to over 40 years of experience in the food industry.

The Gunther PI 265-17 is an automatic pickle injector has been designed for the small to medium sized producer wishing to process both bone-in and boneless product and contains the following:


• Taste improvement through injected aromas and flavour carriers
• Better colouring and action due to injected salts
• Even redness and durability
• Better product consistency
• Juicier consistency of the end product
• Higher yield and increase in profit


• Stainless steel centrifugal pump – additional pumps for higher viscosities on request
• Pre-filter system to protect against clogged needles
• Special conveyor belts with food approval
• Stitch pattern changes for mechanical adjustment possible
• Each needle mechanically spring-loaded to protect against damage
• Complete separation of the brine circuit from electrical and mechanical components to minimize heat input to the brine



Lab Cheese Cooker – Blentech Cheeztherm


Small food batch equipment


Blentech Lab Cheeztherm

Blentech’s laboratory cheese cooker – The Lab Cheeztherm is the efficient way to cook processed or analog cheese on a small, experimental scale. This system utilises twin horizontal agitation technology that has proven to produce high-quality finished products using a variety of processed and analog cheese formulations.  The laboratory scale CheeseTherm is ideal for bench-top product formulation development allowing preparation of products on a small but scalable system. The cook chamber and agitator geometry is proportioned to deliver excellent mixing properties and even distribution of heat.

The counter-rotating twin solid screw agitator design gently blends the cheese while it imparts a controlled shearing action – improving quality. The “double action” of the two adjacent agitators moves the cheese in opposite directions continuously stretching the cheese. This stretching action is especially beneficial in developing the fibrous texture of mozzarella cheese.

The blending action and variable RPM of the counter-rotating twin agitators quickly “fuse” the steam and cheese particles together while kneading the moisture into the dry ingredients allowing them to hydrate properly.


Small food batch equipment


• Dual Agitator
• Safety Features
• Automation
• Variable Speed
• Temperature Control
• Direct Steam Injection


If you would like further details or would like to discuss a project then please get in touch by calling us on 01580 764321.


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The Paragon Processing Solutions team

Used Gunther machinery

Used Gunther machinery: Injectors, Tumblers, Mixers…..

Used Gunther Machinery


For the first time in years, Gunther have just announced a large list of discounted used Gunther machinery ready to be dispatched in the UK & Ireland with 6-12 month warranties. There are some very good deals on:



Brine Mixing Tanks

Roller Steakers

Belt Conveyors

Vibrating Tables

Needle Cleaning Stations


If you use the form below for what you are looking for then we can provide a quotation for you.

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    About Used Gunther Machinery

    Gunther develop, manufacture and sell individual machines and complex production lines for your food processing needs around the world. We have achieved a world-leading position in trade and industry when it comes to the preparation of cured food. We provide innovations and ensure your success by way of specialization and continuous further development of our machines and systems. Our company is located in Dieburg and has good transportation facilities available in the Rhine-Main region.

    For more information of our Gunther stock available in the UK & Ireland please see here 

    and for information about Gunther please see here


    Paragon Processing Solutions Team



    Gunther tumblers

    The Gunther GPA Tumbler Range

    Gunther Tumblers

    The Gunther tumblers Model GPA 150/200/300/600 have a maximum capacity of 100 – 300Kg (depending on model and product) and have the following  benefits and features:


    Guaranteed intensive but gentle processing ensuring even distribution of flavour and tenderness. Guaranteed colour enhancement and uniformity and integrity of your final product


    • Manufactured in stainless steel
    • Drum tilt control by electro-mechanical gear motor
    • Vacuum pump for continuous or intermittent vacuum processing, with adjustable vacuum height
    • PLC control with 50 program capacity
    • Variable drum speed
    • Left or right drum rotation, giving different tumble action due to asymmetrical vanes
    • Hinged lid on 300/600 models (available as additional price option on 150/200 models)

    A 99 program touch screen control is available for all Gunther tumbler models at additional cost, as is a USB printer connection and RS 232 interface.

    gunther tumblers

     A small Gunther tumbler could make a big difference to your business!


    After Foodex 2014

    Paragon Processing Solution’s stand at the Foodex 2014 show in Birmingham was well attended, we certainly saw our fair share of visitors. It was good to see both new and familiar faces and we look forward to meeting up with you again in the future.

    We were well supported by representatives from Magurit, Gunther and Blentech and visitors were able to take the opportunity to chat with them about their relevant processing needs and we were certainly encouraged by the response we had which indicates that the UK food manufacturing industry is continuing to grow.

    We look forward to Foodex 2016- See you there!

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    brine injection

    Why buy Gunther PI 54/105 Injectors?

    This Brine injection equipment has:

    • Electrical & mechanical components are mounted in individual, temperature controlled waterproof housings increasing reliability
    • Fully automatic reversible servo drives
    • Brine pump  in separate housing, allowing wide range of different pump types to be installed
    • Needle heads with quick release needle bridge system for fast removal
    • Monitored pre-filter system for a purer brine solution
    • Touch screen interface for easy operation
    • Memory space for up to 99 recipes
    • Precision controlled brine valve increasing injection level accuracy


    Gunther also supply Tumblers, Steakers, Tenderizers and a wide range of  material handling equipment to complete your processing line.

    For more About Gunther


    Paragon & Gunther at IFFA 2013

    IFFA in Frankfurt on 4th – 9th May 2013 and Paragon ( as agents in the UK) attended to support their UK customers.
     The No. 1 for the meat industry – opens its doors again from 4 to 9 May 2019. As the sector’s foremost innovation platform, it will once again bring together all players from the industry, retail trade and butcher’s trade in Frankfurt am Main. Thanks to its clear focus, the world’s leading trade fair for the sector is unrivalled: everything revolves around the most valuable of all foodstuffs – meat.

    Good reasons why you should come to IFFA

    • See the innovations being shown by over 1,000 companies from 50 countries
    • Meet the market leaders at the same time and place
    • Discover the latest meat-industry trends
    • Experience the entire spectrum from manufacturing to high-tech
    • Make contacts with the international meat-industry community
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