String Linker Mod. LS 99 BT + ES 99 B (automatic with loop)

sausage linker

Sausage Linker

This sausage linker has a sophisticated and reliable electronic driving system controlled by a PLC assures a high productivity and exact and constant portioning.
All the operating parameters of the machine can be entered from an electronic water proof control panel “TOUCH SCREEN”. An extremely simple graphical user interface assures facility of use, control and correction of the set values. The following parameters can be set: the speed of production, the number of turns of string (which can be different in each location), the length of the sausage (from 10 to 1000 mm), the space between two pieces useful to cut in the middle avoiding the untying of the string, the creation of a loop every pre-set number of pieces.

• Machine for tying with string a continuous row several types of sausages. They can work with natural, collagen and cellulosic up to a maximum diameter of 60 mm
• These exceptionally versatile machines allow a practical and substantial reduction of tying times. Extremely efficient and low noise
• The strong construction in stainless steel and a reliable mechanics makes them extremely durable with low maintenance.
• Smooth surfaces and absence of corners for fast and effective cleaning
• Accident prevention protections assured by sensors monitored by a highly reliable safety control system.
• Machine conforms to the EC directives

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This food processing equipment is part of the range from Omet Foodtech for whom Paragon Processing Solutions are the sole agents in the UK and Ireland.

Applications: linking sausages

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