Grinder Mod. TCSA

The Omet sausage grinder has a large hopper protected by a safety cover allows for easy loading of the product.
Feeding worm disposed at 90° degrees (optional) with respect to the mincing worm easily detachable for a fast cleaning.
A hydraulic lifter capable of loading 90 litre buggies can be fitted, at time of purchase, or later if required.

  • Specifically designed for the use in small & medium companies
  • The strong stainless steel construction coupled with highly reliable mechanical components allow the TCSA grinders to be very reliable when under intensive use in the processing of meat, fat, cheese, vegetables, etc.
  • Very up-to date technical and constructive solutions supported by the use of high quality cutting tools guarantee a clean cut of the product
  • Gear-box protected from water infiltrations thanks to drains of liquids resulting from the washing
  • Smooth surfaces and lack of corners for a fast and effective cleaning
  • Integrated hydraulic loader
  • Possibility to install an efficient nerves and gristles separating device
  • Accident prevention protections assured by sensors controlled by a high safety electronic central unit
  • Machine conforms to the EC directives

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This food processing equipment is part of the range from Omet Foodtech for whom Paragon Processing Solutions are the sole agents in the UK and Ireland.

Applications: Meatball forming, mincing

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