Single Shafted Horizontal Cookers

Single Shafted Horizontal Cooker


The BlenTherm single shafted horizontal cooker is the revolutionary cooking solution for a wide variety of processing applications. It has an impressive performance range: from thin soups with particulates to medium viscosity slurries. The BlenTherm packs many of the advantages of our flagship VersaTherm blending cooker into a single agitator cooker that is priced competitively with hemispherical kettles of similar operational capacity. It is the answer for budget-minded processors seeking to increase productivity while enhancing product quality.

The hybrid single segmented ribbon-paddle agitator creates a gentle mixing vortex, simultaneously lifting and gently stirring the product. The unique wrap-around jacket provides substantially more heat transfer surface than hemispherical kettles or conventional jacketed mixers. Blentech patented scrapers keep the heat exchange surfaces swept clean, maximising heat transfer and minimising product adherence to the cooker walls. The result is an evenly cooked and blended product prepared in less time with improved product quality.  Please call to schedule a demonstration with our Applications Department to see the results first hand.

Range of Products & Applications

The BlenTherm is best suited for processing products of low to moderate viscosity. It can process denser products such as ground meats with custom modifications. Below are examples of typical applications.

Formulated Foods Requiring Staged Cooking

Soups, sauces, stews, pie filling, sautéed meats & vegetables, caramelised onions, ground meat, meat, ethnic foods, mashed potatoes, etc.

Low to Moderate Viscosity Slurries

Thick soups, with particulates, starch-based gravies, meat and vegetarian curries, ragout, roux, etc.

Products Susceptible to Heated Surface Adherence

Due to our patented scraper design, products high in sugar content or dairy-based products: fruit pie fillings, fruit preserves, caramel, various sauces (cheese, alfredo, BBQ, sweet and sour, etc.) are perfectly suited for production on the BlenTherm.

Modes of Operation


  • Blending
  • Heating
  • Cooking
  • Searing/Sautéing
  • Vacuum Cooking/Cooling
  • Evaporation/Concentration
  • Cooling
  • Cryogenic Processing
  • ASME Code jackets to deliver a wide range of steam pressure ratings per your requirements.
Technical Highlights


  • ASME Code jackets to deliver a wide range of steam pressure ratings per your requirements.
  • Proprietary jacket construction techniques optimised to increase heat transfer efficiency and drive down process times.
  • Multi-zone jacket surface area selection capability to allow flexibility between small and large batches and also the building of complex foods (ethnic curries/gravies, sauces, soups).
  • Patented “Cook-Cool-Chill” Process to preserve product flavour profile while cooling product to 85°F (30°C) or to 40°F (5°C).
  • auto-levelling feature allowing uniform layer of product to contact with heat transfer surface during sautéing steps.
  • Precision vacuum control system.
  • Temperature control systems (jacket pressure sensing, PID, modulating valve).
  • Proprietary temperature and agitator control systems to extend life of cooker body while reducing and often eliminating product adherence to the heat transfer surfaces during cooking.
  • Proprietary construction techniques to reduce thermal cyclic fatigue experienced when operating at high temperatures, thus extending the life of Blentech cookers over all competitors.
  • Blentech DiscSeal shaft seal system is robust, easily cleanable seal system that is gentle on the agitator shaft and provides an effective seal against equipment end walls.
  • Adjustable motor mounts.
  • Sanitary design.
System Integration


  • Integrated Material Handling Systems (raw ingredient loading / automated feeding, finished product transport)
  • Integrated Weight Management System
  • Integrated Chopping/Emulsification System
  • P&ID Development
  • Custom PLC Programming
  • Complete Turnkey Systems
Working Capacities

61 gallons (233 L) to 1221 gallons (4659 L)

Other agitator cookers in the range include:

Versatherm Twin Shafted Horizontal Cooker

This food processing equipment is part of the Blentech range of machines for whom Paragon Processing Solutions are the UK and Ireland agent.

Applications: Light and medium sauces, Heavy flowable sauces and Liquids with heavy particulates and Caramelising onions. Soups, Sauces, Slurries, Preserves

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