vertical screw conveyor

Vertical Screw Conveyor

All stainless steel vertical screw conveyor for the transportation of product when space is at a premium. Specially designed and guarded to fit in place of the discharge tote bin. Available in discharge heights of: 2000/ 2400 / 2800 / 3200 / and 4200mm

The great advantage of MAGURIT MAGURAFFE is the quick and clean product transportation on very little space. First through by a MAGURIT block cutter, or cut product (feeding of IQF product is of course also possible) is transported by a horizontal screw which pushes the product into the vertical screw system, lifting the product to the discharge height. The in-feed area of the MAGURAFFE is designed to fit all MAGURIT frozen food cutters, and can be placed under the cutters discharge area, and can therefore be integrated with the safety system. MAGURAFFEs exist with discharge heights of up to 2.800mm (110 “) above ground. Optionally the discharge head can be built with a swivel head – with max. 180° swing. This allows for example the feeding into two side by side installed mixers.

The MAGURAFFE is manufactured completely from stainless steel. It is designed to be mobile with 4 wheels and can therefore be moved away from the cutter and production area for cleaning and /or service.

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This food conveyor system is part of the Magurit range of equipment for which Paragon Processing Solutions are the sole UK and Ireland agent.

Applications: Vertical screw conveyor for the discharge of product to downstream equipment if space is limited.