Blending Tumblers

The patented Blentech ‘wave-vane’ system are blending tumblers that overcomes the disadvantages of other designs by delivering strength in effective end-to-end mixing, tumbling and rapid discharge. The ‘wave-vane’ system is excellent for a wide variety of products. The smooth curvature of the helical vanes is gentle on products such as skinless bone-in chicken, beef rounds with minimal degradation when tumbling bone-in hams.

The gentle end-to-end mixing assures even distribution of curing liquids and marinades throughout sectioned and formed products while maximising protein extraction for better binding of whole-muscle products.  Yields of cooked and smoked products are improved because the brine solution is stabilized evenly throughout the cell structure of the meat during the vacuum marinating process, resulting in improved liquid retention in comparison to other vane designs.

Range of Products & Application

The chilling/marinating blending tumblers are ideally suited for brining, marinating and chilling bone-in, whole muscle or sectioned meat products including, but not limited to poultry, pork and beef.

Proven Modes of Operation
  • Marinating
  • Tumbling
  • Cryogenic Chilling
  • Vacuum Cooling
  • Vacuum Loading
  • IQF Freezing
Technical Highlights
  • Gentle wave-vane design allows excellent mixing of chilling medium by allowing smooth front-to-back movement of the product for even mixing.
  • Wave-vane design results in improved liquid retention than other vane designs (spiral or straight) by allowing liquid integration into the product’s protein matrix.
  • Vacuum loading capability.
  • Vacuum control systems
  • Hollow shaft body.
  • liSanitary design.
Working Capabilities

360 lbs (163 kgs) -9935 lbs (4506 kgs)

Other industrial mixing equipment in this range include:

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This twin shafted cheese cooker is part of the Blentech range of food processing equipment for whom Paragon processing Solutions are the UK and Ireland agent.


Applications: Brining, marinating and cryogenic chilling of skinless bone-in chicken, bone-in ham, pork, beef briskets, rounds, navel, roasts and whole muscle products.

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