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Mozzarella Cheese cooker


Mozzarella Cheese Cooker

Blentech’s mozzarella cheese cooker – The Fusion Cooker embraces one of the key factors in the perfect cooking of Mozzarella cheese which is to effectively mix the cheese curd as heat is added; the second is to distribute the heat energy evenly into the product to avoid the overheating of some of the curd particles. This is why traditional cooking involves heating and massaging the cheese curd whilst submerged in hot water. The new Fusion Cooker combines these two traditional principles in a way that maintains cheese quality with the advantage of improving yield.

The heart of the Fusion Cooker is the twin intermeshing agitators which fold the mozzarella cheese together as it is pumped through the mixing column and allows stretching and even heating, utilising steam poppet valves positioned along the column. As the cheese is processed in a closed system the normal loss of milk solids into the water encountered in the traditional hot water system is avoided, thus increasing yield. Additionally, as the curd is heated with direct steam, approximately 6% of the steam condensate is added to the cheese curd to heat it to the 60°C moulding temperature, increasing yield even more. A touch screen HMI coupled with user friendly PLC software, including multiple recipe driven automatic process controls, ensure decimal point temperature control accuracy and agitator speeds of up to 600 RPM, giving the final touch to this precision Mozzarella processing machine which is capable of production rates up to 4,500kgs per hour

Features include:

  • Vacuum flash cooling for rapid dewatering and chilling.
  • Integrated pump feeders to feed even the most pasty suspensions and solid products.
  • Premixing / standardization for uniform production for processed cheese products as well as other foods.
  • Integrated instrumentation for advanced process control such as pH and conductivity.
  • Integrated back pressure control to attain fully cooked product.
  • Hold tubes allow complete gelatinization temperature and time for your product.
  • Various cooling options including tubular and scrape surface heat exchangers.


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This mozzarella cheese cooker is part of the Blentech range of food processing equipment for whom Paragon processing Solutions are the UK and Ireland agent.


Applications: Mozzarella cheese cooking

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