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Frozen meat dicer

Frozen Meat Dicer

The Magurit Unicut frozen meat dicer includes a number of different models, details of which are shown below. All of the range will handle meat, poultry and fish, or even vegetables and cheese, at very low temperatures.

With the exception of the 584 blocks are fed into the machine where a pneumatic ram pushes the product into the cutting head, ensuring a precise piece, slice, or dice.

Various cutting and dicing heads are available to produce specific piece or dice size and the slicing head is variable between 10mm & 60mm.

Model 555

This is the most versatile model in the range, capable of handling frozen blocks with a maximum dimension of 240mm x 480mm x 650mm and, dependent upon the cutting head, reduce this into, pieces or slices for further processing, or strips. Can handle product down to -25oC.

Model 550

This model is primarily designed for producing diced cubes from slices prepared on the 555, or strips from smaller blocks. The cutting chamber is reduced to accept blocks up to a maximum height of 170mm and will therefore accept a number of stacked strips, or standard fish blocks. Optimal processing temperature -10oC to -15oC.

Model 547L

The world’s largest frozen block guillotine, accepting blocks up to 380mm x 640mm x 1200mm. This is truly the best industrial frozen block slicer/dicer. All common block and plate-freezer materials can be reduced at a rate of up to 8T per hour.

Model 584

This is the only machine in the range that can process standard blocks on a continuous basis, please use this link to go to its own dedicated page. See here


Other industrial meat slicers and dicers in this range include:

Frozen Block Cutter – Magurit Unicut 584

This frozen meat dicer is part of the Magurit range of equipment for which Paragon Processing Solutions are the sole UK and Ireland agent.

Applications: Commercial Frozen Meat Dicer : Slicing and /or dicing of Frozen: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese and pork scratchings.

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