DiceCut 502


The new Magurit 502 DiceCut frozen block dicing line can handle all known Euro sized blocks at temperatures as low as -18 degrees centigrade, with optimal dice being produced between -8 and -10, eliminating drip loss and increasing yield by 2-8%. The machine is capable of initially slicing the block at thicknesses of between 10 and 60mm by easy adjustment without tools, with the product being automatically transported to the dicing head where interchangeable heads can be fitted to dice at dimensions of 10-100mm width and 3-50mm depth. Typically the machine will produce a good quality 20x20mm dice at around 1.4T/hr, with different dice sizes varying accordingly. The machine requires only one operator to feed and discharge the product, but automatic conveyor loading and take away can be provided if necessary. Conveyor belts are easy to disassemble with the touch of a button and all areas are easily accessible for cleaning and with all the machine surfaces being angled, cleaning liquids are allowed to run to drain.

Applications: Frozen block dicing

Download the Product Brochure (pdf)