Lab Cheesetherm

Laboratory Cheese Cooker

Laboratory Cheese Cooker

Blentech’s laboratory cheese cooker – The Lab Cheesetherm is the efficient way to cook processed or analog cheese on a small, experimental scale. This system utilises twin horizontal agitation technology that has proven to produce high-quality finished products using a variety of processed and analog cheese formulations.  The laboratory scale CheeseTherm is ideal for bench-top product formulation development allowing preparation of products on a small but scalable system. The cook chamber and agitator geometry is proportioned to deliver excellent mixing properties and even distribution of heat. Please contact Paragon for details on analog/processed cheese production on the CheeseTherm.

The counter-rotating twin solid screw agitator design gently blends the cheese while it imparts a controlled shearing action – improving quality. The “double action” of the two adjacent agitators moves the cheese in opposite directions continuously stretching the cheese. This stretching action is especially beneficial in developing the fibrous texture of mozzarella cheese.

The blending action and variable RPM of the counter-rotating twin agitators quickly “fuse” the steam and cheese particles together while kneading the moisture into the dry ingredients allowing them to hydrate properly.

Proven Modes of Operation
  • Blending
  • Heating
  • Cooking
  • Vacuum Cooking/Cooling
  • Evaporation/Concentration/De-aeration
  • Cooling
Technical  Highlights
  • Proprietary design of both high and low shear direct steam injectors allows custom control of steam addition into the product.  Both styles of steam injector deliver steam to the product in 360⁰ radial pattern to ensure even distribution.
  • Integration of separate scraped surface surge hopper to maintain product temperature for filling equipment.
  • ASME Code jackets to deliver a wide range of steam pressure ratings per your requirements.
  • Proprietary jacket construction techniques optimised to increase heat transfer efficiency and drive down process times.
  • Vacuum de-aeration of molten cheese for smooth finished product.
  • Mould filling system (to fill molten cheese into block moulds prior to setting).
  • Proprietary temperature control systems.
  • Proprietary temperature and agitator control systems to extend life of cooker body while reducing and often eliminating product adherence to the heat transfer surfaces during cooking.
  • Proprietary construction techniques to reduce thermal cyclic fatigue experienced when operating at high temperatures, thus extending the life of Blentech cookers over all competitors.
  • Blentech LipSeal shaft seal system is robust, easily cleanable seal system that is gentle on the agitator shaft and provides an effective seal against equipment end walls.
  • Adjustable motor mounts.
  • Sanitary design.
Working Capacities
10 lbs (4.53 kgs) to 100 lbs (45.36 kgs)

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This cheese cooker is part of the Blentech range of food processing equipment for whom Paragon processing Solutions are the UK and Ireland agent.


Applications: Cheese & dairy products, cheese slurries, viscous sauces, cheese spreads, flavored cream cheese.