industrial bacon press

Industrial Bacon Press

This industrial bacon press from Pujolas has been designed to minimise  product waste during the meat and bacon slicing process. Their versatility allows for a wide range of products, such as bacon, pork loins and other types of frozen or cured meats, to be pressed, simply by changing the moulds available.

The 3D meat press system initially exerts low pressure on the product from the top, thus preventing damage to the meat fibres, whilst at the same time, the horizontal cylinder advances at low pressure to pre-form the product. High pressure is then applied to compress and even out the product by eliminating any gaps. This is optimised by massaging the product by applying and relaxing pressure, control of which can be programmed for each bacon product via the control panel.

Models for 3-4 pieces per minute, up to 8 pieces per minute, with or without automatic loading and discharge are available as part of the range. Please see the brochure for options or contact Paragon for more information.

Other versions of the industrial bacon press:

3d Meat Press- PF-3DRM

These industrial bacon presses are from Pujolas for whom Paragon Processing Solutions are the sole UK and Ireland agent.

Applications: Pressing of bacon and meat products

Download the Product Brochure (pdf)