GPS 5000 – 10000 Tumbler

curing and marinating systems

Curing and Marinating Systems

The Gunther Model GPS 5000/7500/10000 range of curing and marinating systems have a maximum capacity of 3000 – 6000 Kg (depending on model and product) and these industrial tumblers have the following standard features:

  • All stainless steel
  • Three point drum support with large opening for loading and unloading
  • Hydraulically tiltable drum
  • Manual cover opening and closing system
  • Infinitely variable 1 – 10 rpm drum speed (right and left rotation)
  • Integrated vacuum system with water separator
  • Asymmetrical baffle plates, giving intensive massaging – right rotation, or gentle massaging – left rotation
  • Touch screen controls with 99 programs
  • USB printer port, network and RS 232 interfaces

The GPS industrial tumblers series meets the highest effectiveness and handling requirements. An essential feature of the system is the swivelling drum with its large and automatically operated door.

Advantageous features of the swivelling drum:

  • High utilization factor of up to 60% of the drum volume
  • The entire load can be introduced in the loading position either mechanically with the lid open or by vacuum with the lid closed
  • The emptying process is quick and gentle to the product and can be dosed by raking the drum forward
  • Easy to clean with good emptying of residues


Available at additional cost:

  • Load Cells
  • Feed system
  • Wireless temperature monitoring of meat products

The above models are also available with fully insulated cooling, K series, or cooling / heating jackets K-H series and associated cooling / heating units.

Add on to all Günther defrosting Tumblers GPS: GTT – Günther Thawing-Technology is an unique process combination of direct and indirect heat transmission. In addition to the standard defrosting application with indirect glycol heat transmission through double jacket and baffles, the system generates a hot vapour phase injected into the drum and surrounds the meat blocks. Due to this Günther achieves a faster defrosting time with minimized denaturation of the product.

The system contains the following components:

  • Special drum cover including centric connection for vacuum, temperature sensor, water supply, as well as all necessary valves, cable and hose connection
  • Stand-alone flow heater for temperatures up to 80°C
  • Supply pump for water
  • Electronictemperature and flow control


Other industrial food tumblers in this range include:

GPS 900- 2500 Tumbler

This industrial meat tumbler is part of the Gunther range of equipment for which Paragon Processing Solutions are the sole UK and Ireland agent.


Applications: Tumbling Tumble/Chilling

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