Infinity Cooker

continuous direct steam injection cooker

Continuous Direct Steam Injection

The Infinity Cooker is a continuous direct steam injection cooker for thermal processing of products that can be pumped.  The infinity cooker is designed to cook processed cheese, sauces and slurries ( bean, fruit, meat, etc ).  The advantage of this system is the intermeshing agitation system coupled with the gentle steam injection system.  The result is a fully mixed and gently heated product with improved yields and high quality.

The Infinity Cooker is capable of cooking products with fragile particulates up to 1 ¼ inch diameter (30 mm).  It is the perfect answer to cooking process cheese, meat or fruit pie fillings, delicate custard deserts, thick chunky soups and sauces, fruit preserves and cooking any other product that requires precise temperature and pressure control. The continuous direct steam injection cooker is also an excellent aseptic pressure cooker for beans and slurries for the production of hummus and a variety of other dips. The combination of pressure cooking and direct steam injection is a highly effective method of heating bean slurries up to starch gelatinisation temperature.

The heart of the Infinity Cooker is the twin, intermeshing agitation system. The blending prongs of the two agitators overlap to fold the cheese together as it is pumped through the mixing column.

Range of Products & Applications

The Infinity Cooker is designed to continuously cook products that can be pumped, with steam injected directly into the product. As mentioned above, processed/analog cheese, bean slurries for hummus, sauces, meat and fruit pie fillings and soups of low to high viscosity are all products that are ideally suited for this system.

Proven Modes of Operation
  • Blending
  • Heating
  • Cooking
  • Steaming
Technical Highlights
  • Precision temperature control.
  • Specially designed intermeshing agitators gently mix and fold the product and evenly integrate steam for an even, well mixed high quality product.
  • Gentle steam injection to maintain particulate integrity.
  • Increased product yields in most applications.
  • Multi-zone temperature control system allows precise control over heat addition and product temperatures.
  • Proprietary control systems to control system pressure.
System Integration
  • Pump feeder to feed raw material into inlet of cooker.
  • PLC integration of pump feeder and Fusion/Infinity Cooker control system to allow pump feeder to deliver product at specified rate.
  • Integration of finished product pump to pump product to downstream filling equipment.
  • ID development.
  • Integration of batching systems for slurry preparation and bean soaking.
Working Capacities

The Infinity Cooker will heat quality processed cheeses up to 10,000 lbs per hour and other pump-able product up to 25,000 lbs per hour.

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This food processing equipment is part of the Blentech range of machines for whom Paragon Processing Solutions are the UK and Ireland agent.

Applications: Processed cheese, bean slurries for hummus and similar products, sauces

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