batch steam rice cooker

Batch Steam Rice Cooker

The SteamTherm Cooker is a batch steam rice cooker and represents the modernisation of batch rice/grain cooking. This PLC-controlled system automates the cooking of a wide array of rice varieties from short grain sticky rice for sushi applications to long grain basmati and jasmine rice varieties. Furthermore, the SteamTherm can process a variety of other grains and grains of dramatically different bran-layer thicknesses.  The SteamTherm is capable of sautéing ingredients for recipes to create prepared rice dishes such as risotto, pilaf, paella, biryani, etc. It can also be programmed to cook sauces to complement rice for ready meals. It is the complete machine for rice and grain based products.

The SteamTherm is designed to be gentle on the fragile cooked rice kernels. Cooked rice is delicate and must be treated with care in large production batches. When cooking rice in hemispherical kettles, the weight of the hydrated rice is likely to crush the soft kernels during agitation and discharge resulting in a product with uneven particle sizes and starchy “paste-like” quality. The SteamTherm is specially designed with a wide diameter, short tub length and an extra-large discharge door. The agitator paddles are specially sized to push the rice through the oversized door with fewer revolutions and minimum pressure on the fragile cooked rice kernels.

The key to quality rice is controlling the cooking parameters. Water/oil addition, cook or chill temperature, agitator rotation and RPM can all be PLC-controlled.  Blentech offers a high level of PLC interface/automation if appropriate for your process.

Range of Products & Applications

The batch steam rice cooker is best suited for cooking parboiled rice, short to long rice varieties, sticky rice, grains, vegetables, meat and sauce bases.  Furthermore, it is ideal for preparation of ingredient staged rice dishes (risotto, biryani, paella, pilaf, etc.).

  • Blending
  • Heating
  • Cooking
  • Searing/Sautéing
  • Vacuum Cooking/Cooling
  • Evaporation/Concentration
  • Cooling
  • Cryogenic Processing
Technical Highlights
  • Specially designed cook chamber, discharge door and agitator geometry with the specific goal of protecting the delicate cooked rice kernels to maintain particulate integrity.
  • Proprietary design of both high and low shear direct steam injectors allows custom control of steam addition into the product.  Both styles of steam injector deliver steam to the product in 360⁰ radial pattern to ensure even distribution.
  • ASME Code jackets to deliver a wide range of steam pressure ratings per your requirements.
  • Proprietary jacket construction techniques optimised to increase heat transfer efficiency and drive down process times.
  • Multi-zone jacket surface area selection capability to allow flexibility between small and large batches and also the building of complex foods (ethnic curries/gravies, sauces, soups).
  • Patented “Cook-Cool-Chill” Process to preserve product flavour profile while cooling product to 85°F (30°C) or to 40°F (5°C).
  • Auto-levelling feature allowing uniform layer of product to contact with heat transfer surface during sautéing steps.
  • Precision vacuum control system.
  • Temperature control systems (jacket pressure sensing, PID, modulating valve).
  • Proprietary temperature and agitator control systems to extend life of cooker body while reducing and often eliminating product adherence to the heat transfer surfaces during cooking.
  • Proprietary construction techniques to reduce thermal cyclic fatigue experienced when operating at high temperatures, thus extending the life of Blentech cookers over all competitors.
  • Blentech DiscSeal shaft seal system is robust, easily cleanable seal system that is gentle on the agitator shaft and provides an effective seal against equipment end walls.
  • Adjustable motor mounts.
  • Sanitary design.
System Integration
  • Integrated Material Handling Systems (raw ingredient loading / automated feeding, finished product transport)
  • Integrated Weight Management System
  • Integrated Chopping/Emulsification System
  • P&ID Development
  • Custom PLC Programming
  • Complete Turnkey Systems
Working Capacities

120 gallons (454 L) to 374 gallons (1,414 L)

Other industrial rice cookers in the range include:

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This batch steam rice cooker is part of the Blentech range of machines for whom Paragon Processing Solutions are the UK and Ireland agent.


Applications: Long grain and flavoured rice dishes, light and medium sauces and liquids with heavy particulates.

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