Twin Tote Bins Washer

The Twin Tote Bins Washer is designed to cleanse Tote Bins, two-at-a-time, at rates of up to 20 per hour dependent on wash cycle time selected. A cabinet are fabricated using stainless steel of grade 304, and consists of a box structure incorporating five zones: Zone 1 – Wash tank. The wash tank forms the base unit of the machine. It consists of two compartments i.e. main tank and filtered water compartment. The filtered water compartment itself consists of three sub-compartments:

Pre-wash ‘Sludge Bin’ compartment. During the pre-wash phase of the wash cycle, loose dirt, and detritus, from the Twin Tote Bins washer  are directed over flap controlled weir ‘A’ and collected in the sludge bin. Post filtration water content flows to drain.

Main wash and rinse ‘Used Water’ compartment. Used hot water from the main wash and rinse phases of the water cycle flow into the compartment via flap controlled weir ‘B’.

Main wash and rinse ‘Filtered Water’ compartment. This compartment is separated from the ‘Used Water’ compartment by two drop-in screen filters. Used water flows into the compartment via the filters and returns to the main wash tank. Level probes and a sludge door are incorporated into this sub-compartment. There is also a sludge door in the main wash tank (located at front of machine below the main doors).

 Zone 2 – Rinse tank. The rinse tank is a fully enclosed box mounted on the roof of the cabinet. It is fitted with mains water inlet, level probes, steam heating array, thermostat, overflow pipe, and drain. The tank functions to supply hot, clean water for the final rinse, via the dedicated rinse

Zone 3 – Tote bin cleansing zone. The tote bin, cleansing, zone occupies the largest compartment of the cabinet and is located over the wash tank. High pressure spray pipe/jet assemblies are fitted, internally, to the roof, side walls, door panels, and at floor level. The combined effects of a cold pre-rinse, and high pressure hot detergent main wash sprays, function to remove all grime and debris from the bins. The following hot-water rinse removes all traces of the detergent wash. A steam extractor fan is installed in the roof plate. The zone includes a pair of manually operated doors across the front of the machine, and two motorised Tote Bin Load/Unload Platforms. At the start of the wash cycle the tote bin platforms are automatically pivoted into the cabinet; the doors are closed manually to seal the cabinet. On completion of the wash cycle, the doors are opened, manually, and the tote bin platform pivoted outwards to clear the cleansed bins from the machine. Platform operation is controlled by means of an SEW gear motor with Movitrack inverter control.

Zone 4 – Washer Operating Zone. The washer-operating zone is an open area, located under around the rear area of the cabinet. This zone contains:
The cold water inlet/manifold.
Pneumatically actuated, 3-way, L-ported valve
A detergent wash pump set.
A clean water rinse pump set.
Pneumatically actuated access flaps to the filtered water sub-compartments.

Zone 5 – Washer Control Zone. A floor-mounted main electrical control cabinet (MECC), located adjacent to the machine (right side rear), contains all mains power and control equipment, and selected machine status indicators. Operator’s controls are mounted on the pedestal at the front of the machine’s right side. Pneumatic facilities are controlled via the Air Service Unit/solenoid
valves mounted in the pneumatics cabinet on machine right side.

During production runs, tote bins are subjected to a cold pre-wash at mains pressure, a hot detergent wash sprayed at high pressure (80 psi), to remove ingrained grime and debris. A hot, clean-water rinse, at 40 psi, is then applied to remove all traces of detergent residue before the bin is removed from the cabinet. Water temperature in the detergent wash and clean rinses stages exceeds 65 oC. Used water is cleansed by means of a ‘drop-in filters’ before being returned to the wash tank. The roof mounted extractor fan clears steam from the cabinet. The extractor fan is activated, simultaneously with the hot rinse phase of the wash cycle. Three-probe, level controllers monitor wash tank level and float level
switches monitor the rinse tanks levels; both types activate associated Solenoid Valves to control the flow of mains water into the wash and rinse tanks respectively.


Control of the twin tote bins washer is achieved via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in conjunction with relays, timers and Solenoid Operated Valves (SV).
Operator controls and indicators for start/stop functions are mounted, externally, on the pedestal which is located at the front of the machine in-line with the right side.


UNITECH Cabinet Washers are designed and built to conform to United Kingdom, European, and International Safety Standards. Emergency Stop push buttons are fitted to the front door of the MECC, and operators’ control panel on the remote pedestal. Electromagnetic guard switches are fitted to the left and right hand doors of the Cleansing Zone. Washing operations are inhibited until, and unless, both doors are closed.

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