Top Web Sealer

This top web sealer is a tray packaging unit from Tecnovac (Olympia) built in 2007 that is designed to package products in special containers (trays). The products can be vacuum-packed or packaged with the insertion of appropriate gas. The tray is sealed with a flexible film of material compatible with both the sealing operation and with the material of the tray.

The unit is divided into 5 parts:

  1. The central part is made up of two aluminum “chambers” where the actual packaging is done.
  2. To the left is an expandable shaft on which is placed the film roll for the sealing. The leftover film is collected on the right.
  3. The space above the chambers contains the cylinders that cause chamber movement. It also contains the electronic control card that oversees all phases of packaging.
  4. The motors, equipment for tray movement and the vacuum pump are located under the chambers.
  5. The last element that makes up the unit is the electrical panel.

The packaging cycle is divided into 10 phases:

  1. Arrange the trays inside the lower chamber.
  2. Chamber closure.
  3. Vacuum creation inside the chambers.
  4. Insertion of gas or gases inside the chambers.
  5. Tray sealing.
  6. Film cutting around the tray.
  7.  Air reentry inside the chambers.
  8. Opening of the chambers.
  9. Leftover film collection and positioning of the film.
  10.  Removal of the packaged trays

This top web sealer has another operation to be carried out when needed is replacing the finished film roll with a new one and removal of leftover film.

The unit requires the presence of an operator for the following: to carry out items 1, 2 and 10, to replace the film roll, to remove the leftover film and to oversee a correct operation of the unit


  Olympia V/G


Olympia V/G


Unit height 1500 mm 1300 mm
Unit width 700 mm 1300 mm
Unit depth 860 mm 990 mm


400 V
Phases 3ph + neutro + terra
Frequency 50 Hz
Installed power * W (vedere targa sulla macchina)
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