Magurit Starcutter

STARCUTTER 318 and 348: high performance rotation cutter

The STARCUTTER models 318, 348 are ideal for the reduction of frozen meat, fruit or other food products on an industrial scale, and are capable of cutting frozen products at temperatures as low as -30° C homogeneously and gently, with cutting thicknesses between 3 and 20mm, depending on the chosen blades. With a cutting area of 350 x 650 x 820 mm (13 ¾“ x 25 ½“ x 32 ¼“) these machines are designed to reduce two standard Euro- or US-blocks simultaneously, and can therefore reach up to 8 t/h (17.500 US-lbs)

MAGURIT offers for its rotation cutters different types of blades.
The STARCUTTER 318 can be equipped with standard U-shape blades which are adjustable between 3 and 9 mm, and also with the unique MAGURIT C-Cut blades. These are ideal for the reduction of blocks for further processing in mixing and forming lines like chicken / fish burgers or nuggets, or for emulsification processes like hot dogs, without the need of a grinder.

The STARCUTTER 348 with adjustable cutting thicknesses between 14 and 20mm are designed for applications which favor a more “coarse” cutting result, for example the production of PEPERONI-salami in bowl-cutters or the reduction of fruit blocks in a jam production, where the integrity of the whole fruit shall be preserved.

Feeding of the blocks into the machines can either be done manually, but these high performance machines can also be loaded via belt conveyor, e.g. if the production requires a separation of product and packaging outside the production room. Furthermore, due to the achievable high hourly capacity it is recommendable to use a screw or belt conveyor for the discharge of the cut product, which of course can also be done with standard 200l trolleys.

Besides the standard block machines MAGURIT offers also so called STARCUTTER “L” version for the reduction of plate frozen blocks, which can be up to 1200mm long.

Applications: Reduction of frozen meat, fruit or other food products