LC-200 Twin

Twin buggies washers

200L & 300L  Twin Buggies Washer


The twin buggies washer LC-200/300 Twin a are specifically designed for the sanitization of 200L/300L bins. Once the bin is placed in the loading position, it is tipped 180 degrees into the cabinet, thus being washed and sanitized according to the chosen washing program. The TWIN version has two loading positions to allow the washing of two units per cycle, thus doubling the production compared to a conventional cabinet.

The double cabinet for the buggy cleaning

The LC series twin buggies washer is the ideal solution to clean those elements that require to be dumped upside down to get a proper washing and disinfecting result. Specifically, the model LC-200 has been designed for the sanitizing of the buggies (or vemag carts), ensuring a perfect wash of the internal zone, with special attention to the internal walls, but not forgeting the wheels area. Maximum efficacy and minimum energy consumption, thanks to its design, that allows water and energy consumption optimization. The TWIN version has two loading positions to allow the wash of two bins at the same time, double this way the production compared to a conventional cabinet. Warranted cleaning results with vemag carts, kitchen carts, buggies, 200L bins, eurobin, eurobins, meat truck

  • Production

    35 to 50 units/h

  • Loading positions

    2. Sistema TWIN

  • Pump power


  • Filter

    Self-cleaning rotary filter

  • Stages


  • Heating

    Steam or electrical. Other options available

Options and accessories

  • Versions for 300L bins also available
  • Steam exhausting systems
  • Detergent and disinfectant dosing systems
  • Conductivity control

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Applications: Twin washing cabinets for 200L/300L bins

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