knife and glove washer

Knife and Glove Washer

A new concept on a knife and glove washer, based on the knowledge of the thermal inactivation cinematics of pathogens. This concept optimizes the time and energy consumption, apart from registering and documenting all the process. We can guarantee the washing results and the total disinfection of the gloves and knives, achieving the logarithmic reduction level previously chosen on the program, based on Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella or Escherichia coli. This is the ideal solution for the homologation in some countries as well as to get certifications BRC, IFS or ISO22000, etc.

Washing and disinfecting gloves and knives in record time with more capacity

KP-7 is a cabinet for ultrafast washing and disinfecting of gloves and knife-holders. Thanks to its exclusive design is the unique in the market capable to wash and thermally disinfect with a performance of 100%, even with the dirtiest gloves, in less than 10 minutes cycles. Some copies have appeared on the market, but only the Mimasa K series are capable to obtain an excellent result. Challenge us with our demo units and you will get convinced! Possibility to clean different elements: mesh-gloves, knife-holders, knifes, blades, aprons, Ergosteel…

  • Capacity

    72 knifeholders + 72 gloves per cycle

  • Cycle time

    Less than 9 minutes (steam heating)

  • Pump power


  • Filter

    Double filtering (tray + drum)

  • Stages

    Washing-Thermal disinfection-rinse

  • Heating

    Steam or electrical. Other options available


Options and accessories

  • Steam exhaust
  • Conductivity control
  • Special racks


We have provided these series with excellent accessibility to the washing area and to the tank, making the cleaning and maintenance tasks far easier.

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Applications: washing of knives and gloves

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