Equimex Horizontal Slicer

The Equimex Horizontal Slicer  slices fresh, boneless meat to a required thickness and separates the upper slices or trim automatically from the bottom slices. The Horizontal slicer is perfect for slicing chicken breast fillets. After the meat is placed on the lower belt, it is gently shaped between the upper and lower belt and transported through an oscillating blade.

Because of the high velocity of the blade the slices are very accurate with a smooth surface. The bottom slices leave at the end of the machine, the top slices or trim are discharged on one side. The stand alone control panel is equipped with a PLC and Touch Screen.Through this touch screen it is easy to change the thickness of the slices and the speed of the belts. Preset programs can be customized and used by the tip of your finger, even while the system is running.

  • All Horizontal Slicer HS 1000 systems use the Patented Automatic Seperation System.
  • At the end of production the system is automatically send to a cleaning position.


  • High capacity can do up to 80 pieces per minute
  • Blades individually and accurately adjustable
  • Blades, guide bars and belts are removable within minutes without tools and without changing settings
  • Speed of upper and lower belts are always synchonized


  • Slices more accurate than by hand
  • High yield
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Simple adjustments
  • Reduces worker stress
  • Meets the highest requirements of safety and hygiene

Applications: Horizontal slicing of Poultry