DSI Accura Portioner 700

Restaurants change menu boards frequently, requiring new solutions for portioned or trimmed poultry. Grocery store chains and food service provisioners change portion specifications just as often. Today, they want fat free nuggets when yesterday a bit of rib meat and fat was allowed. They want weight and shape controlled nuggets one day, dimensional nuggets the next. JBT FoodTech and its full line of DSI portioning solutions is with you every step of the way, starting with DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning software, the most versatile and advanced portioning software in the market. Run retail cuts and fat trimming applications as fast as you can load the product, with proven in-factory tests at belt speeds of 100 ft/min. Angled cuts are no problem, even at 45 degrees. Combine tight specification tail portions with retail shoulder portions for maximum yield. DSI delivers numerous portion, strip, nugget, and chunk applications that deliver 100% yield and unique regional visual appearance for European and Asian processors that typically process trimmed half breasts. Poultry leg meat nuggets and steaks are new applications developed for these markets. Navigate the storm with DSI. Your grow-out operation is sending you larger birds while your sales team is signing orders for lighter and thinner portions. You are stuck in the middle and not hitting your production targets. The patented DSI Adaptive 3D Portioning™ System (A3D) solves this dilemma by portioning and then intelligently slicing the breast meat, achieve double digit yield improvement compared to competing portioning systems. Routinely achieve 4,6, or even 8 portions per butterfly when our proprietary automatic placement software, Place-IT™ is combined with an A3D system

Applications: Portioning Poultry