Vat and Bin washers

Paragon are thrilled to announce Mimasa as new partner

The food processing industry is continually looking for newer, faster and automated ways to improve their hygiene standards from their supply chain and as a result we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mimasa Washing Technologies.

Mimasa UK

Since its foundation in 1986, MIMASA has offered tailor-made solutions to the food industry and since 2000, they have specialised in hygienic washing and drying systems for all types of equipment and food produce.

There are three key requirements to guarantee hygiene in washing, sanitising and drying systems:

  1. Elimination of right-angles
  2. Enabling water to flow
  3. Maximum accessibility for cleaning

These factors are the basis of the technology applied to Mimasa’s cleaning systems.

Mimasa’s product range includes:

Crate washers

Pallet washers

Vat washers

Buggy washer

High production washers

Rack washers

Knife/Glove washers

Overhead conveyors

Hook/Shackle washers

Stick washers

Foam cleaning equipment

Frame Washers

Spin drying

Blowing and Drying tunnels

Sanitizing tunnels

Overhead rack washers

Tray washers

Ham washers

Ham and Meat products washing tunnel

Mould washers

cheese mould washers

chocolate mould washers

Sanitizing Tunnels




Mimasa’s MD Series of atomising sanitising tunnels offers the following benefits over standard spraying equipment:

  • The atomisation guarantees a homogeneous distribution of sanitiser over all of the product, which is not always the case with spray systems
  • It does not leave the product dripping water, reducing the humidity in high-risk rooms. 
  • It consumes up to 8 times less water and chemical product than spraying systems.




If you would like to know more about Mimasa and how their technology can help your business then please get in touch with us and we can discuss further.


Click here or call 01580 764321


The Paragon Processing Team


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