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Since its foundation in 1986, MIMASA has always offered tailor-made solutions for the food industry. Since the year 2000, and coinciding with the generational change, we have specialized in washing systems for the hygiene and drying process of all types of elements.

Our non-conformist spirit has led us to redefine our positioning and go beyond traditional solutions, not only to sell washing machines but also to offer objective and measurable hygiene guarantees.

In the year 2000 we decided to invest all our talent on bringing advanced solutions to the hygienization process, creating a solid team with knowledge, experience and motivation to allow Mimasa to be a reference in the sector.


We offer industrial systems for hygiene.

We adapt our products and service to bring the proper solutions for the needs of our customers.

We work constantly to make our products adapted to the market needs, innovating and pushing for the continuous improvement. We engage all the organization on this process.


We want to be a world reference in the implementation of industrial systems and solutions to the higyenization process.We bet on the quality of our products reducing the environmental impact. We give priority to humane treatment in the relationship with our clients and collaborators, being faithful to our values.

Ànima Mimasa

Anima is a Project started in 2019 with the objective of placing Corporate Social Responsibility at the center of our company. Mimasa has always been a company with soul.We have always been proactive and committed to our social and environmental setting, we never considered or planned the reason, how or when of all the contribution made in Mimasa in the different areas of CSR.  So, in 2019 we decided that an ambitious plan was necessary, and we dedicated the resources to make this plan go ahead.  And this responsibility had to be shared by the human team of the company. This is how Ànima was born, the soul of Mimasa. Formed by people who want to be an active part of this change and who has total autonomy to think up, plan and execute initiatives which help us to return to our environment what had been given.

Paragon is proud to be an agent for Mimasa in the UK & Ireland

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