Tilting Frying Pan


Seafood - Fried Calamari

Constructed from 304L or 316L stainless steel with a polished interior finish the Sicmatech range of tilting frying pans are suitable for cooking a large number of products.

With batch capacities from 75L- 1200L and a choice of steam, electric, gas, or diesel as a heating source, it is also suitable to serve a wide range of applications for small, medium or large producers alike.

Full PLC control, Ethernet connection, PID controller and digital display, with touch screen panel and data recording.

Automatic variable speed, reversing stirrer, with optional second stirrer or propeller ensures optimal homogenisation of the product, fitted with a non-stick blade to continually scrape the heated surface. The whole assembly is quickly removable for easy cleaning.

Wide range of options available to fully tailor the vessel to specific customer requirements, including loading and unloading valves, double jacket, load cells, perforated basket etc.

Applications: Sauces: Bolognese, carbonara, napolitan, tomato, meat, cheese, pesto
Fried potatoes
Fillings for cannelloni or croquettes
Fillets (meat, fish and poultry)
Chicken wings
Beef olives

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