PIH 300-2/PIH 600-4 MC2R Injector

The Gunther PIH 300-2 MC2R/PIH 600-4 MC2R Injector has been specially designed for the medium to large sized producer wishing to process both bone-in and boneless chicken pieces.

Needle Bar

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Direct asynchronous servo motor drive positioned above the injection area
  • Quick change needle bridge system
  • Brine feed direct to needles, eliminating hoses
  • Pneumatically adjustable needle tension (except stiff needle bridge)
  • Reverse operation selectable

Conveyor Belt

  • Direct drive using asynchronous motor
  • Special polyethylene belt, completely removable for cleaning
  • Selectable feed adjustment (single, double, triple)

Brine System

  • Stainless Steel centrifugal pump with infinitely variable speed control
  • Brine pre filter system with pressure control


  • MC2R touch screen
  • 99 selectable programs, giving options for: recipe name, stroke height, needle bar speed, conveyor belt speed, one or two way brine injection, brine pressure and needle pattern
  • Automatic cleaning program, supervision of filter pollution, stand-by operation and visual fault indication
  • USB printer port, RS 232 interface Additional cost options
  • Cleaning trolley for conveyor belt and filtration parts
  • Data collection
  • Single and double piston pump

Note: These injectors require a rotary filter system

Applications: Injection of bone-in and boneless chicken pieces.

Download the Product Brochure (pdf)