MIXERS MOD. K750 K1000

  • Mixers for the use in medium and large industries. • They can mix any kind of product destined to the production of sausages, hamburger, salads and ready made products • The mixings system with double shafts with intersecting paddles guarantees a delicate treatment of the product and the obtainment of a homogeneous mixture
  • The strong construction in stainless steel and a reliable mechanics makes them adapt to a durable use and free from maintenance
  • The mixing shafts can be easily and quickly removed. Smooth surfaces and lack of corners for a fast and effective cleaning
  • On request all Omet mixers can be equipped with a variable speed control for the mixing arms:
  • Every mixer can be equipped with an electronic control panel, managed by a PLC for the automatic programming of mixing cycles. All the functions of the machine can be monitored on a large “TOUCH SCREEN”. This allows the executions of even complex mixing cycles for the processing of any kind of product

Accident prevention protections assured by sensors monitored by a highly reliable safety control system. Can be equipped with automatic CIP system
Machine conforms to the EC directives.

    The C02 injection system allows temperatures down lo ·40°C. The possibility of reducing the temperature of the product prevents from the formation of bacteria and permits the processing of products which otherwise could be damaged during the mixing

Applications: meatball forming, mixing

Download the Product Brochure (pdf)