The large 300L tub allows for fast mixing of the production.
A single large discharging port allows the total unloading of the product in 90, 120 or 200L. buggies in few seconds.
The spacing between the gear-box and the mixing bowl isolates the product from the lubricating oils of the drive end and protects the mechanics from possible infiltrations of water.
The fastening mechanism of mixing arms allows a quick disassembling for cleaning.
The discharging port completely is removable in few seconds without tools and is easy to clean. Possibility lo install, also subsequently lo the purchase, a hydraulic loader for 90, 120 or 200L. buggies. • Mixers for the use in small and medium companies

• They can mix any kind of product destined to the production of sausages, hamburger, salads and RTE products.
• The mixing system has double shafts with intersecting paddles guaranteeing a delicate treatment of the product to give a homogeneous mixture.
• The strong construction in stainless steel and a reliable mechanics makes them extremely durable with low maintenance.
• The mixing shafts can be easily and quickly removed. Smooth surfaces and lack of corners for fast and effective cleaning                                                                                                                • On request all Omet mixers can be equipped with a variable speed control for the mixing arms:
• Every mixer can be equipped with an electronic control panel, managed by a PLC for the automatic programming of mixing cycles. All the functions of the machine can be monitored on a large “TOUCH SCREEN”. This allows the executions of even complex mixing cycles for the processing of any kind of product
Accident prevention protections assured by sensors monitored by a highly reliable safety control system.
Machine conforms to the EC directives.

Applications: meatball forming, mixing

Download the Product Brochure (pdf)