Drumcut 328 NG / 329

The DRUMCUT range of equipment is ideal for the preparation of fruit juices and associated products. Both systems reduce frozen juice concentrates or pulps from common barrels/drums, e.g. standard 200 lt. barrels.  The budget 328NG is capable of processing 30 or 60 barrels/hr. Optionally roller conveyors, barrel lifter dumper, bag squeezer and mohno pumps can be offered.

Larger capacity is available with the 329 system: barrels with fruit or juice concentrates, which are filled in poly bags, are transported to the lifter dumper via a roller conveyor. Here the barrels are clamped, lifted and dumped into the crusher, the poly bag is held so it doesn’t fall into the cutting area. About 5% of the product remains in the poly bag, to remove this, the operator can now take the bag and run it through the bag squeezer, where two counter rotating rollers “squeeze” the remains out into the crusher. The frozen product is reduced by the crusher to the required piece size. The empty barrels are automatically discharged onto further roller conveyors.

Applications: For the preparation of fruit juices

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