Cutlet Flattener

breaded pork cutlets

The TR series of Cutlet Flatteners have been designed to reduce product thickness and add value to your products by giving your customers a natural product with uniform product thickness, expanded surface area and uniform cooking time. Portions are placed on the infeed area and conveyed through the flattener. The height of the top belt is adjustable so that the product thickness can be steplessly adjusted, with up to a 50% reduction. The larger surface area given by the use of this machine allows for greater batter and breader pickup. Product is fed into the infeed area and discharged by a short discharge conveyor to downstream equipment. Available in belt widths of 12”, 24”, or 40” with a standard belt height of 41” to fit into continuous production lines.

Applications: Flattening of fresh or tempered chicken breasts and strips, beef, pork and veal to a uniform thickness.