The continuous vacuum filler Mod. F9 is the ideal compact machine for the small businesses. The small diameter pump set is available with 8 or 12 vanes.

• Strong construction completely in stainless steel. Smooth surfaces and lack of corners for fast and effective cleaning
• The high manufacturing precision of mechanical parts of the pump set in high resistance steel guarantees a delicate treatment of the product and a long lasting use
• The joined effect of the 20 m³ vacuum pump and the auger with the counter-auger in the hopper assures compact end air-free products even with hard and low temperature raw materials
• Possibility to install, also subsequently to the purchase, an hydraulic loader for 90, 120 or 200L buggies
• Hopper of 90 (available on F9), 160 or 260L. In the model with hydraulic loader an inter-locked standing platform allows the inspection and the cleaning of the hopper
• Accident prevention protections assured by sensors controlled by a high safety electronic central unit
• Machine conforms to the EC directives

• An electronic driving system controlled by a PLC completely water proof assures a high productivity, reliability and low noise operation
• All the operating parameters of the machine can be entered from an electronic control panel “TOUCH SCREEN“. An extremely simple graphical user interface guides the operator in the setting and monitoring of the parameters
• An advanced function of diagnostic allows a fast location of possible problems. A memo alerts the operator of the maintenance schedule. The statistics function offers information about the production. The help key remembers the main functions of the machine in the language selected by the operator
• It is possible to set ramps of acceleration at the beginning of the portion to avoid breaking the casing

• Both models F9 and F10 can be prepared in simplified version I where a standard asynchronous motor controlled by an inverter and an extremely simple control panel programmable with mini touch screen, make this machine, simple to use, reliable end easy to maintain


Download the Product Brochure (pdf)